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  1. Are all these fresh fruits and vegetables expensive?

  2. Does it take a lot of time and work to prepare these meals?

  3. Me and my wife are following the GD and absolutely love it! Here's my question: Most of the dishes are for 2-4 people. We try to modify them to be enough for the both of us. If there are left overs, can we reheat and eat again or must we throw away and start fresh? Question B: Can we make large amounts to have several times throughout the week?

  4. 1) Do bananas combine with anything from group B? 2) What about eggs (which are neutral) and bananas? 3) I know your recommendation for adults is to avoid milk, but what about coconut milk?

  5. What group would plain grits (corn derviative/ hot cereal) be in?

  6. As I continue to incorporate the Gracie Diet into my daily routine, I feel stuck on a couple of questions: Tomatoes: what are sweet or acidic varieties, and can I add minced or fresh crushed garlic to my (olive oil/salt) salad dressing?


  8. hello, i am reading the gracie diet on the go chapter and i recently got a giftcard to applebees. would i be able to combine the mozzarella sticks and the dynamite shrimp together? thankyou

  9. My question is about spacing meals 4-1/2 hours. Does the 4-1/2 hours measure from the start of breakfast to the start of lunch; or from the end of breakfast to the start of lunch?

  10. why does your diet say NO pork??

  11. What time would you suggest that I not eat after in the evening? If still I'm hungry near bed time, is it permissible to have a snack? Fruit for example.

  12. I'm not a morning person, so I have difficultly eating when I get up. I also need to loose a couple of pounds so would it be a good idea to start the day with just fruit?

  13. Hi ! I ask myself a question for a long time ! Since coffe (or tea) is neutral , why can't we drink some of these (without sugar) between meals (as coconut water). Christophe (french follower of the gracie diet)

  14. In between meals, you suggest drinking a glass of water as a substitue for food when one feels hunger pangs. I have been drinking a lot of water in between my meals. Is drinking a lot of water recommended, or do you just suggest drinking water when one feels hungry? Thanks.

  15. Do you have any guidance on portion sizes? For example, if I were to have a meal consisting of salmon, salad and brown rice, how much of each should I have? Or what fraction of the total meal should each one be?

  16. Late night meal: Some days I eat lunch around noon, but I don't get to eat my next meal until 9pm. Is this a problem?

  17. Why is there NO pork allowed on your diet???

  18. hello, love the book. is tofu a group A food? please email me and let me know. thank you. sincerely, matthew kanis

  19. I usually eat my evening meal around six with my family after work. Gracie Jiu-jitsu usually starts at seven, we finish around nine. After training to boost recovery, is it OK to have a shake, even though it is not four hours since my last meal? Thank-you so much for your time.

  20. What is the best post traininig shake that you would recomend after Gracie jiu-jitsu training to enhance recovery? Thank-you so much for your time.

  21. Have you thought about putting the food groups on a laminated card that you can carry with you. It would be nice to have when shopping or eating out.

  22. Why can't we eat the same food within 24 hours?

  23. Any plans for an electronic version of the book? I'd love a copy but living in the UK, the shipping is nearly as much as the book! Same with the juice bag - I know you can't do an electronic one of these! - but the shipping seems disproportionate to the size / weight and cost of the item! Enough moaning, though. Loving the Gracie insider and te Gracie Diet website. Thanks Guys...

  24. I'm a big fan of the straight juices, watermelon or grape for instance. Do I still have to wait 4 1/2 hours after I have plain juice? I've strained out all the solids with my juice bag so I'm wondering about the timing. Thanks Steve

  25. Have a question regarding question 8. How come it is allowed to combine mozzarella sticks (cheese, group C) with shrimp (group A)? Also in your corn soup recipe (which is great) you combine corn in the cob (group A) with a cheese sandwich (bread group B and cheese group C). I'm a little confused about cheese now! I thought it combined only with other group C and one of the group B products. It is always group C? Or it depends on the type of cheese or the way you prepare it! Thank you!

  26. I am diabetic. Do you look at glycemic indexes in your diet? Can the diet neutrilize diabetes?

  27. Rorion, I am a physician and would like more information on the methodology your family used to develop the Gracie Diet food combinations. The foods you recommend are healthy choices and it strikes me that one would do well if he/she restricted his/her diet to these items, regardless of how they were combined. How did you conclude that the combinations recommended are advantageous? Was it solely on the basis of your readings? If so, can you reference the literature you relied on? What type of experimenting did your family do to develop the combinations? Were outcomes based solely on family members' subjective feelings of wellness, or were there measured, objective, reproducible criteria? Thank you. Tad Baum

  28. what can i do to loose 20pounds i had back surgery and gain weight sitting around the house,i walk all the time and thats all.but not eating well or sleeping to good at night due to this back surgery. THANK YOU

  29. How much water do you drink and how often? Is it possible to drink too much water?

  30. Hello I am a vegan and was wondering if the Gracie Diet will work for a vegan. I'm not getting as much calories and protein that I should be right now and was looking to change up my eating habits with keeping compassion towards animals at the forefront.

  31. Hello, I'm a 4 year Gracie Jiu Jitsu student under Chet Schemahorn. I am currently working on implementing the Gracie diet into my lifestyle and career as a Police Officer. What about coffee?? I do love my coffee! But, no high sugar super latte=frappa thingies for me. Just plain old coffee with a little bit of cream. I know coffee is acidic, but being a beverage, where would it fall on the chart? Since I only consume perhaps 1-2 cups per day, do I even need to worry about it? Thank You, Justin

  32. I have been waiting for a website like this for a really long time! Thank you! I'm a big fan of Gracie Jiu Jitsu and the Gracie Diet. My question is the following: Where does soy sauce fit? It is OK to have it with rice, or it is considered to be group B.

  33. Do you cook with coconut oil?

  34. Hi, I love your new interactive table & thank you for the new signed diet book I just received, much appreciated. Just wondering what your thoughts on raw cacao are? And if it is acceptable where would it fit into the diet. For example, would it go together in a milk shake with; raw goats milk, young coconut milk and flesh, cottage cheese, banana? Also it says raw egg yolk is neutral, so does that mean it would also go with the above mix? Thanks heaps & keep up the good work. Kind regards, Daniel

  35. Thank you so much for this book, been on it for two weeks and already lost 3.5 kilos (over xmas too), new levels of self disciple ! 1) When should i ideally take my supplements (glucosamine and fish oil) 2) What group do beans fit into, butter beans, red beans, kidney beans etc. (ive noticed that the book only covers green/french beans) 3) i can not find montery jack cheese anywhere in sydney (australia) and have been told its only available in the americas, what is a good alternative to this for toasted sandwiches 4) are chillis considered as vegetables or should they be avoided? thank you for your time, keep it real !

  36. Hi I have the book and have followed the family since 1993. I am about 20-30lbs UNDERweight. I was on a diet of about 4000 calories a day and I could gain weight but I felt horrible and was eating all the time. Any advice would be great. Thanks for the book

  37. Hallo! Happy New Year! Great site the Thank you! Have just orded your Gracie Diet book. My question: Some of the food in the different groups that you cant combine can change if you heat them up, ex heated creme cheese combines with group A and B? What about fresh creme and milk, if you heat them up can you combined them with group A and B? Can you heat up the different food in group C, D, E, F and G and combine them with A and B? Kind Regards Patric from Sweden.

  38. Hi, I have three questions: 1) Where would isotonic beverages fit (Gatorade, Powerade, etc), are they neutral or should they be avoided 2) Is dark chocolate (75% cocoa and up) considered as group A? 3) When cooking with milk (ex: mashed potatoes) does it change it's composition so it can be combined with group A products? Thanks! Wish you and your family a great 2011.

  39. Do you guys drink Sodas (Aka Pepsi, Coke, Sprite)

  40. HI, i'm looking to gain 10 pounds in the next 6 months. i dont want to use protein powders or drink alot of milk. what can i do to gain that much weight/ muscle. i'm only 21 and my body is still growing, if i should be eating only every 4 1/2 hours i wont be able to gain any weight. what food do you think i should incorporate into my diet to gain it in a natuaral and healthy way. thanks.

  41. What food group does turkey fall under?

  42. Hi there I cant see any pasta or noodles on the diet... Is there a reason for that?

  43. I Hi! Hope everything is fien with you! Once again thank you for this website! I would like to ask you the following: a) Where does the following fruit fit in: Tamarind, prickly pear, medlar, passion fruit. b) It is my understanding that mild cheese (ricotta, monterrey jack, etc) should be preferred over sharp kinds (Rockford, gouda, etc), but, just in case, where would those sharp cheeses fit. c) Which is the best way to eat group D fruit? Fruit or juice? Which is the best way to prepare, for instance, strawberry or mango juice? Do you mix it with water in the blender or do you do you use a juicer?

  44. Have you taken into account the people who have Lactose intolerance in regard to recipes? The double-bonded milk sugar makes it difficult to digest and it creates side affects for the GI tract. What are alternatives to milk products (cheeses)? Thanks for addressing my questions

  45. Hallo! In which food group will coconut milk be in? Kind regards Patric Sweden.

  46. Hello gracie family. Do you know How much is the shipping of The Champion Juicer into England UK? and do you know if there will be any import tax? It is very expensive to get one here! £300 almost

  47. Hello...just read the book and thought it was great. Please let me know your thoughts on the following foods: corn chips and mexican green hot salsa; zucchini bread; banana nut bread and V-8 low sodium vegetable juice. Thanks...Michael Luis - Student Valente Brosthers Miami

  48. I am unsure which category Rhubarb would fit into. I am hoping its group A :)

  49. What spices are allowed in the Gracie Diet? Can you eat very spicy food?

  50. Can I drink black coffee all through the day or just water

  51. How long should I wait to workout after I eat?

  52. In an effort to remove sugar from my diet i have used a natural sweetner called stevia. Any advice on it.

  53. its not too much sugar in the smoothies with all those bananas and apples and grapes?. Thank you

  54. I need to know what group chedder and hoop (yellow cheeses) are in group A or C. I also need to know what you mean by melted or fresh . Does it mean that I should melt it if I want it in group A , Are are you talking about the process in which it is made?

  55. I've just watched Rener make the Watermelon Banana Smoothie which seems pretty straight forward, does he consume the full amount that was made in the blender?

  56. Can you drink black coffee between meals? Can onion and garlic powder be used on food?

  57. I goto work at 630 am, I eat breakfast at 6-am..then lunch at 11-am, but dinner isn't until 730-8pm when my wife gets home from work... But by then I am starving and drinking water dosent cut it, what can I do? I understand you are supposed to wait 4.5 hours between meals, but what if you eat the same meal, lets say spinach, if I eat spinach at noon, can I have more spinach at 3pm? also I work out side, and I live in nj so during the winter months it's freezing cold and a nice cut of coffee is great,, can i drink coffee between meals? is there anything warm that I can drink between meals, I've tried warm water but its just not the same as a coffee or a green tea

  58. I was wondering about egg whites. I saw that egg yolks were a neurtal food but what about egg whites?

  59. I bought the book and think that it's really great. The motivational tips by Rorion really help and his Jiu-Jitsu analogies are fantastic. I am currently going through the Master Cycle and with the current increase in training tempo I am very hungry after training. I have tried having a pint of water, but end up spending my time counting the seconds (and starving) waiting on the four and a half hours to elapse. We eat our meal time at 6:00pm as a family, then I train Gracie Jiu-Jitsu at 7:00pm. Is there anything else that I can take once I finish training? Like a watermelon and banana smoothie?

  60. Hi guys, tonight I'm having chicken, potatoes & peas for dinner but when I make this I usually make a chicken gravy, this is made from the juices of the chicken with very little chicken gravy granules added. If this is not allowed would you recommend because the dish would be quite dry to eat without it. Many Thanks

  61. In what group concentred like beef or chicken bovril are?

  62. Hello again! i just recived the Gracie diet book. Thank you! 2 questions: Should it be a map of the food groups to put on the fridge with the book? Could you have fruit from group C to breakfast, fish, rice and vegetabels to lunch and chicken, pasta and vegetabels to dinner? Kind regards Patric from Sweden.

  63. Since Group D acidic fruits like lemons and lime do not combine with each other or with anything else, when, if ever, would you eat them? I can't imaging eating a lemon or lime like an apple.

  64. hello again, still love the book. in the yogic diet, such as the cuisine from mysore india, the food is vegetarian, and very healthy. however, in many of the dishes there is more than one food from group b. while the other aspects of the gracie diet are all maintained in this diet(such as never mixing groups a and c), the presence of multiple group b foods concerns me. what type of damage do you feel a person is doing to themselves by eating in this way? thank you, and i look forward to your response. sincerely, matthew kanis

  65. Hello Grand Master Rorion. And, happy birthday. Just a recommendation; I think it would be a good idea to make a list of teas sorting them as they fit in groups A and C. I'm assuming they are not all neutral, correct?

  66. Senor Rorain, where does maple syrup group.

  67. Why do you guys avoid cinnamon?

  68. I try avoid eating wheat bread because it has zero fiber and I consider it less healthy. However, all the fibercontaining bread types in the foodstores containes mixed grains. What should I do? Thanks

  69. i am hearing impaired and i am trying to find a way to save money by buying things i am diebatic and have arthrtitis . so i need to find a way to eat right and heal body in dieases. is there any way to understand in ur groups i cannot understand this i have to learn how to pay bills to save on food costs do u have better suggestion on food and budget thanks i live on social security check it is hard to manage with it ....

  70. Regarding the quiches, soufles, and creamed spinach, do you use low or non-fat cream cheese or does it not matter if you use regular cream cheese? What is your opinion on Vitamin D milk vs 1 or 2% milk?

  71. These may be answered in the book, but I just ordered mine so I'll ask a couple more questions. Why do you avoid spices if they propmote a faster metabolism and what is the difference in melted vs unmelted cheeses? You stated in an ealier post that fresh cheeses cannot be combined with other groups but melted cheeses can.

  72. Is it ok to drink soya milk?

  73. Hello. I live in Brazil and I have a question. If you don't eat rice and bean, and cannot we eat the same food in the same day, what do you eat day by day? And the revenues of the book and what do you show in the site they can also be made in the lunch or in the dinner?

  74. Which grapes are acidic and which are sweet?

  75. Is tomato soup from a can considered cooked? Are jared tomatos considered cooked?

  76. Where do you stand on sprouted bread like Ezekiel Bread that's a mix of whole grains that are sprouted before being baked?

  77. what's your take on veganism and vegetarianism?

  78. I have 2 questions, 1st I need the recipe for the squash soup and 2nd is air popped popcorn okay and if so which category does it go under? Thanks

  79. I have the book. My question, from time to time the lady across the street will send over Sweet Potatoe Pies, Or Apple Pies, Is there any way to eat them? I have a 12 year old and we both would like something sweet and good and tasty besides fruit. Also I mixed apples and bananas and felt an upset stomach. And why do you suggest chewing the mango then spitting out the pulp, the pulp gives you a full feeling. In the morning I am hungry, so I went ahead and ate the mango and felt ok.

  80. How would you recommend to seasoning meats, or what type of seasoning would you use for meats?

  81. Group C Meals can include a starch if it's not "prepared with fat." All of the crackers, oat cakes, corn chips, potato chips, and breads I know of are made with oil or butter in them. When is it a significant enough amount of fat in a product to make it a bad combination? (Obviously I put fresh cheeses -not butter- on them when eating a fruit meal.) I know if I needed to I could stick with starches prepared with zero fat such as rice, barley, quinoa, pasta, sweet potato, potato etc. and eat them with say ricotta cheese or fruit juice for moisture and taste, but that is not called for in the book. I don't mean to be too purist, but the question is there in the back of my mind every time I bring out the corn chips with a fruit meal. Thanks!

  82. Is cream when thoroughly heated a Group A food? Or is it, like milk, a Group F food no matter what? What about thoroughly heated farm fresh cream? Thanks!

  83. Why is fresh corn in Group A and not in Group B with Corn Flour and Dry Corn, Potatoes and Dry Beans? I was surprised to learn that Fresh Corn (a starch) could be combined with other starches such as potatoes and beans.

  84. Why is fresh corn not considered a starch while dried corn is? A 154 g serving of fresh has 20 grams of starches (along with 4 g of fiber and 5 g of sugar). Biochemically, starches are all pretty similar, and I've never seen anything to suggest that corn starches change significantly when corn kernels are dried. Thanks!!

  85. According to the article on the diet on GRACIEMAG, there was note saying "Do not eat the same fruit twice on the same day." I couldn't find anything on here saying that (still waiting on my book to arrive). I already started the diet, is this true or false? thank you in advanced.

  86. How should I eat sushi ??? Is soy Soy Sauce part of the Diet ??? In what group is in it ??? How about Soy Milk, in what Group ??? by the way... " Thank you for Saving my Life "

  87. Thank you so much for the website! It is absolutely amazing! My questions are the following. What is your daily average (percentile) consumption of each type of food? (Approximately how much fruit, vegetables, meat, starches, etc on daily basis). Which one do eat more on a daly basis, vegetables or fruit? Thank you!

  88. Is it advisable to eat heavy in the evening even after four and a half hours have lapsed or not, some times I get home around 9:00 or 10: PM and Im hungry because I missed dinner.

  89. After we eat in how much time we can train? Eg You have lunch at 12 at what time you can train?

  90. I know the reason you guys don't eat pork is because of that disease decades ago, like any recent outbreak, avian, mad cow disease etc. isn't it time to change with the times?

  91. -> Roliday Rappiness Smoothie So Rener can I drink as a lunch, dinner or between? Just curious if I'll be good drinking only this juice... How many cups should I drink? Thanks and keep the great working my friend. FRANCIS

  92. what do you guys recommend eating after a long rolling or workout session? Sometimes I stay at the gym and roll with the guys a few hours. I never know if I should eat a big meal afterward or keep it light and if I should eat tons of protein or what. I am always super hungry afterward though. Any suggestions?

  93. I have started following the gracie diet based on the recommendation of my karate instructor and i was woundering where does salad dressing fall into the groups

  94. Diet is great is and i wanna do it all my life.My question is:How can i gain 20 pounds more in next two and half months?I have MMA match in that time and i need more kilos,muscles of course.I eat a lot of fruits and its much better to lose weight,what i dont want,and i dont use any supllements at all.Obrigado.

  95. Thank you for the guidance Mestre Rorion. I have two questions: 1) When tomatoes (acidic) are cooked, do they change to group A? 2) Stewing group D fruit (boiling them in water, only water) changes it´s composition (ex. Strawberries and peaches)? Thanks.

  96. What group would black garlic fall in? It's a fermented product.

  97. im new to the diet. love it so far.. im gonna try the ryron gracie vegetable smoothie. i was wandering if i could have just that as a meal? if so how much would i have to make/drink??? thanks. owen neil.

  98. Is the Gracie Diet a good method for substantial weight loss? For example loosing over 100 lbs. I am trying to avoid having weight loss surgery.

  99. With what can hemp protein powder be combined; it's 100% hemp, with no flavors or any other additves. Thank you.

  100. in order to keep the weight under control you stated that calories are the key element... when preparing fruit smoothies, how do you calculate more or less? eg. does the blending of the bananas reduce its original calories or each banana we put in equals an eaten banana?

  101. After reading the "Gracie Diet" book I noticed that there is not much mentioned about lemons and diet. Many of my health & wellness books suggest using lemons alot, from using in water to using in many foods. Is there a danger from your research in using lemons or should they just be used in the diet as specified in their own group by themselves? Thank you for your knowledge and for the book. Excellent stuff. Paul

  102. 1) What is the best type or brand of crackers that you recommended with group C meals? 2) I try not to repeat foods within 24 hrs, but does this include raisins and grapes? 3) What are your thoughts on plantains? 4) Are cranberries considered group D? 5) I cannot find fresh figs where I live, are dried organic figs recommended? Thank you for your time and knowledge. Cody

  103. With the Gracie Diet is replinishing electrolytes after training (BJJ or Weight lifting) recommended?

  104. Are dried (with no sugar) cranberries and goji berries part of Group D? Thank you!

  105. Senor Rorian what is your view on water fasting?

  106. 1ST of all --thank you 2 -I also have Anthony Robbins books and tapes on health- did he borrow from you or did you borrow from him? 3- I don't see sushi on any list---is it a yes or no? Thank you again

  107. What about chewing gum? Is this allowed?

  108. Is it ok to use meat tenderizer?

  109. Senor Rorian thanks for the answer to fasting question. Now I am 28 years old and wondering if it is ok to practice 24 hours of fasting once a month. If not then what is a good routine for me? I am athletic and follow the diet 100 percent to the mark. Thank you.

  110. Is venison allowed on this diet? What is meant by "fresh" cheese?

  111. My family hunts and fishes for all of our meat products to avoid the steroids and hormones used on store bought meats. Is venison such as whitetail deer allowed on the diet? We process our own meat to ensure it is done in a sanitary and healthy way. And what of waterfowl, such as duck and goose meat?

  112. can the ryron veggie smoothie been heated up to be a soup? like u guys do with corn soup?

  113. Senor Rorion in a previous post you said lemons have a certain way of being eaten. Can you elaborate on how to properly eat a lemon. Oh yes sorry about misspelling your name.

  114. is it ok to eat lamb?

  115. Senor Rorion does non-melted mozzarella and Monterrey jack group with C along with the other cheeses? oh and is it ok when having dates and creme cheese on unsalted crackers, if the cream cheese is a little bit warm so it is easier to spread?

  116. How do you recommend eating lemons and limes? I can't imaging eating them like an apple or just drinking the sour juice.

  117. how do you make papaya juice? with a juicer or a blender and juice bag? is it a nice juice? thanks

  118. Hello. I saw an article about green tea and said that it prevents diseases and it is good to take it every day after lunch or dinner. Is it true, and I can every day take it?

  119. Hi I am a type 1 diabetic, is the Gracie Diet adaptable for my needs?

  120. If I were going on a diet using a single fruit such as the banana, would it matter how much banana I have in a meal? For instance, I would eat a banana for lunch at work, but if I am still hungry after 20 minutes, which is the average time it takes to feel full, then is it ok to have more banana slowly until I feel full knowing when I am full so I dont "stuff" myself too much at a time? Thanks for calrifying this. GJJ WhiteBelt, Jason Evans

  121. In regards to questions 10 and 86. Trichinosis is not a viral infection it is an infection caused by a parasitic worm that comes from undercooked pork, game, and bear meat. People who eat sushi are just as prone to parasitic worm infections that pork eaters are only the species are different.

  122. Is this is a good combination: bread,butter,onion,egg and mild cheese?

  123. Can I eat raw rolled oats with yoghurt , a Braeburn apple and a few wallnuts? This is my breakfast.

  124. Should all tomatoes be cooked before being eaten, or is there a time when tomatoes can be eaten uncooked?

  125. Hi! I hope this makes sense, is it safe to combine Group A and Group C?

  126. where can I get a list of complete smoothie recipes that follow the Gracie diet?

  127. Hello. I want to start the diet but have Diabetes so I'm confused on what I can eat? and can I even do this diet? Thanks

  128. I get up early for work and I work out of a truck, and I would like to drink freshly juiced juice for lunch. I want to know if there is a way that i can bring juice with me...The juicer is too noisy and my house is too small to juice at 5 am before I goto work, with out waking up my baby and wife, but I would like to have juice with me. Is it ok to juice the night before and then take it to drink about 12 in the afternoon? Any suggestions? I was thinking that I may be able to juice the night before then freeze the juice and hope that it thaws by the time I am ready to drink it.

  129. caro Rorion, quero somente agradecer pela maravilhosa e impressionante mudança na minha vida causada pela dieta Gracie. tenho 1,90m e em novembro estava pesando 99kg, na academia fui indicado a um nutricionista, mas como este só tinha horário disponível para 60 dias, eu que ja havia ouvido falar da dieta Gracie, comecei a pesquisar na internet e iniciei por conta própria a dieta no final de novembro. impressionantemente, sem restringir a quantidade e sem parar de comer o que eu gosto, so combinando os grupos perdi 12,5kg, e o mais impressionante é que não pus os pes na academia em dezembro nem janeiro! É igualmente notável minha disposição e meu gás nos treinos de jiu-jitsu. A aproximadamente quinze dias comprei seu livro pelo site e este me abriu muitas possibilidades que eu desconhecia dentro da dieta. Fico feliz e orgulhoso pela referência Brasileira que você e a sua família espalharam pelo mundo, não só pela supremacia do BJJ (ou GJJ) como agora pela exemplar dieta proposta. Parabenize tambem o Rener pelos excelentes videos explicativos das técnicas Gracie de jiu -jitsu e da dieta! muito obrigado; Ruan Carlo F Medeiros Fortaleza - CE

  130. What about nuts? Should they be eaten raw, roasted, or roasted & salted?

  131. You say whites cheeses are ok. What about Swiss, parmesan, & asiago cheeses?

  132. is a scrambled egg cooked with butter served on buttered whole wheat toast with cream cheese acceptable? or should i use another cheese that can be melted?

  133. I have two questions: In the book,it say,that we must not combine group A with group C,and you mix the cheese/C/,with avokado,olive oil/A/,when you making the corn soup,how is that?And in the same video you mix corn/B/and bread/B/,food from the same group,how is that?Thank you.

  134. How long before bed should someone eat?

  135. which group does salt belong in?thank you chris

  136. Which group will cooked plantains fit into? Will it be ok to combine it with a starch? Thanks for your time.

  137. If your are going to eat the renergy sandwich for lunch do you still have a salad before? If you have it for breakfast are your next two meals smoothies? and, is it ok to add chicken to the renergy sandwich, is it a proper combination?

  138. The Gracie Diet talks about combining the right foods so digestion properly. When you guys refer to that does it mean that I wont get diarrhea or any uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. THank you for reading my question I know it is kinda gross but I need an answers

  139. Mestre: Do you eat any kind of meat at all? If, so, how much and how often? If not, which are good substitutes? Thank you!

  140. Is it ok to drink tea with bergamot oil with a fruit meal?

  141. Can you drink tea with peel of orange and eat oranges in the same meal?

  142. What group are green bell peppers and also jalapeno peppers?

  143. Another question about nuts... What quantity of it you eat in your meal ? I ever heard that eating too much nuts is not a good thing because lot of fat... Thanks Grandmaster Rorion !

  144. Ola ! Sou brasileiro, cientista na area de biotecnologia, moro em Toquio e pratico Jiu jitsu. 1- Tenho duas perguntinhas a respeito da dieta: praticamente todos os brasileiros comem diariamente arroz e feijao juntos. Esses alimentos combinam ? 2- Farofa entra em qual grupo ? Muito obrigado e abraco para voces ! Tiago

  145. So, Bergamot oil is extracted from the rind of the Bergamot fruit. Even though it comes from a fruit, it still can't be mixed with tea and drank with a fruit meal?

  146. I noticed in the Table of Contents there is a 14 day meal plan. Is there also an example grocery list? If not that would be a good thing to add to the second edition.

  147. how many protein sources do Rener and Ryron consume in a day, I am underweight and looking to gain, but worried about not getting enough protein if I consume a sweet fruit meal in the day. Pad

  148. I was curious about your views on vegetarianism. How some one might apply the Gracie diet that doesn't eat meat.

  149. Yogurt & kefir are allowed on the diet. Are you talking about store bought products that may contain preservatives, or homemade yogurt & kefir?

  150. What kind of tea is okay?

  151. hi master rorion, I´m from argentina. how often we must eat c group meals per week? It´s ok eat those meals twice a day?

  152. how is this lunch, renergy sandwitch, almond milk, carrots and hummus, edamame? Also, does cereal combine with cows milk?

  153. How many oz. of food should we eat per meal? Lets say we are eating three items from group A. How many oz. from each Item should we eat? (i.e. 6oz. of chicken - 6oz. of spinach and 6.oz of avocado?)

  154. Red Meat Consumption Increases Cancer Risks, Consumption Levels Warned Published by Sonia Hyde New government regulations suggest limited red meat intake New guidelines issued by health officials in Britain explain that the consumption of red meat may drastically increase bowel or colorectal cancer risks. Other risks of cancer include stomach, pancreas, bladder, and breast. Government officials issued similar warnings more than 10 years ago, but these new recommendations explain recommended consumption levels in more detail. For instance, the guidelines suggest red meat consumption of less than 1 pound per week. While recommendations exist, experts explain that currently, no known levels of red meat have shown to be entirely risk-free in terms of disease risks. However, red meat enthusiasts may want to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, as many of them have high concentrations of antioxidants. Antioxidants have disease-fighting properties, and may further decrease disease risks. The most common kind of red meat is beef, but also considered are pork and lamb. Researchers believe myoglobin to be the main cause of increased cancer risks from red meat.

  155. The question asked about turkey was answered (look under group A, (meats), but it is not listed. Is it not listed because of some non-nutritional properties or should we consider turkey a good source of nutrients? Also it being said that turkey has a chemical reaction that makes you lethargic. Are these truths? What is your opinion on turkey? Thanks Tracy Brown

  156. for breakfast i had milk, cereal, and banana, is that compliant?

  157. Is acai ok in powder form?

  158. what should a sample day look like for a growing teenage boy? They need to need to eat a lot...

  159. Can corn soup and the soufles be made that morning and heated up for lunch at work?

  160. Do you save meat to eat another day or always eat right after you cook?

  161. I have a blender and my Gracie juice bag and diet book is on the way. However I dont have a juicer yet. My question is how many meals can be made without the juicer? I plan on buyin the champion juicer within the next 2 weeks to a month but id like to go ahead and start the Gracie diet.

  162. I am a culinary student at Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas , and also train in Jiu jitsu.Anyways I was lookin over the gracie diet and would like to try to follow it not to lose weight but to just be healthy.So my question is how can I become more knowledgeable about the gracie diet so I can use it and share it with all my friends and family.I would like to thank your family for everything they have done for jiu jitsu and mma ,also for creating such a great dietry plan. Please help. Ryan Brown

  163. hi master rorion, wath group is peach jam? thanks

  164. Grand Master Rorion, what is in the picture along with the cream of spinach? There's something under the cream of spinach and some kind of sauce on top. Thanks. -Frankie

  165. Grand Master Rorion, I'd also like to know what exactly is a "bunch" of spinach in some kind of non-subjective measuring term. Preferably by weight. 4oz maybe? A handful for me is a lot more than for my wife as my hands are twice as big as hers. Thanks. -Frankie

  166. hi master i´m 19 years old and I wonder how many times a week i can drink milk, I like to combine with toast breed and butter, It´s healthly? thanks so far

  167. Senor Rorion I saw bay leaves are group, does that mean you eat or cook with them?

  168. Hi, What can I eat when I have coffee and milk with artificial sweetener? Thank you for your time.

  169. grand master rorion, where I live it´s literaly imposible to get a papaya or acai berry. what you recomend to supplant those? are blueberry an option?

  170. hi gracie's wheatgrass what group is it?

  171. are pickle good for you top eat

  172. what do you guys mean that bread should be less fermented? what kind of bread do you guys eat or recommend? ezekiel bread is great.

  173. If eggs are consumed raw is the clear part considered neutral along with the egg yolk or is it still considered the egg white?

  174. Grand Master Rorion, what exactly is a "bunch" of Spinach? A cup? Two cups, maybe? Tightly packed or loose? Thanks. -Frankie

  175. Hello Master Rorion Gracie. My name is Mickael Manceau and I am from France. I trained at the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in 2007. I just have a beautiful baby since 1 month. Me and my wife would like to known if you recommend vaccin for baby? Do your childrens have any vaccins? What kind of foods do you recommend for baby? Thanks

  176. Can i drink Coca-Cola?

  177. Fried bananas, honey, nutmeg and pistachios?

  178. What category do Chickpea's (garbanzo beans) fall into? Thanks

  179. I am currently a student at Le Crodon Bleu culinary school and am also into jiu jitsu. I was trying to understand the diet a little bit more , and was curious if there are any classes i can take to become certified at the gracie diet or how that works. I really am interested in learning more about the gracie diet and also look forward on hearing back from you in the near future . Thank you so much for your time , Have a great day .

  180. Hows does wild game fit into the diet and or does it change anything with the other food groups? Being from the Pacific Northwest; culturally my people are fisherman. So salmon and other types of sea food within our waters are real big in our traditional diet. But being an avid hunter when in season I perfer elk, and deer or any other wild game than steak/beef.

  181. Should tomatillos be treated like tomatoes, or should they be treated like the other group A vegetables?

  182. Is it OK to mix the fruit with water to pass it through the blender? For example Papaya, Melon, Apple and Pineapple juice. Does fruit loose something if you juice it that way? Thanks.

  183. I see that you advise to stay away from pepper and I assume this means black pepper. What about peppers like jalapenos, etc?

  184. Hi master Rorion. The Artificial Sweeteners are neutral or are considered as group C? thanks

  185. I was wondering if acai is good for pregnant women because i am 7 weeks pregnant

  186. Your diet is fantastic and life changing. I have been on it for 2 weeks and have felt immediate results. One thing I miss though is pancakes. Do you have a recipe for these? Also, what group does coconut milk fall into? Thank you!

  187. What group does passion fruit fall into? Thank you.

  188. Hi. I would like to know if three meals a day should be only for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or can I replace the breakfast meal for one afternoon? Because I do not eat breakfast. Or should I only eat twice a day? Or I should learn to take the breakfast? Hug.

  189. can you use salsa and other sauces with meals on the gracie diet

  190. Hi, Gracie family. I had found this banana pie recipe and wanted to know if you make this or not? Place 1 cup crystal sugar in pan with water{enough to dissolve suagr}. Add brown sugar {carefully so as not to be bitter} with a touch of water to make thick syrup. Little by little add peeled bananas, cook well. Remove cooked bananas, leaving syrup in pan. Place bananas in pyrex dish. Pour condensed milk mixed with 2 egg yolks. Pour over bananas. Beat 2 egg whites with 4tbsp. of refined sugar, until stiff. Cover bananas with egg whites, put in oven till egg whites are brown. Ingrediants are 2 dozen bananas plus all in recipe. My questions are if you do make this how much water is right 1,2,3,4 ounces or more? How much brown sugar is the right amount? How do you know when the bananas are cooked enough, do they become softer or harder? At what temperature do you cook the pie in the oven at? Are the 2 dozen bananas small, regular, or large size? What size pyrex dish do I use? Thanks for your time.

  191. I am a bit confused about cheeses. Which cheeses fall in the 'cooked' food combinations and which in the 'sweet' food? For example is it ok to eat a cheeseburger (cheddar)? Also, can you explain why we should stay away from pork? Respectfully, Dave

  192. what does rener gracie eat on a training day?

  193. If we eat some thing that is based on the diet table, let's say a Group C fruit meal, can we eat something that combines with Group C before the next meal time? For example, if I eat a Group C meal (Bananas only) and before my next meal(before the 4.5 hours) I get a little hungry and water just won't cut it, can I eat another fruit? Or would I still have to wait the full 4.5 hours?

  194. I have been on the Gracie diet for approximately 3 months now with positive results. Recently however, after an acceptable meal such as a Renergy sandwhich, I develop strong abdominal pains and cramps about 1-3 hours after I eat. Everything has been prepared as directed with accepted ingrediants as I am very careful about this. What could be the possible cause? Have you ever experienced this before?

  195. Hello I would like to know how to differentiate pears, apples, etc. of sweet and sour. I looked at some supermarkets but seems to have only one type of pear and I do not know if they are sweet or sour. What do I do? And one more doubt the bread should only be whole or could be any bread?

  196. I am almost done with the book now and I've begun to practice the Gracie Diet. My question is, is it common for the body to react badly when eating an all fruit breakfast for a beginner? I ate only organic mangos yesterday for breakfast with water. It didn't agree with me and spent much of the day in the can. Any thoughts?

  197. What group are water chestnuts in?

  198. since coconut water is nutural does that mean it can be drank with acidic foods too? also is coconut milk also nutural...can I add coconut milk to my pineapple jiuce?

  199. I read about the tomatoe, but it goes the same for green tomatoes?. In Mexico we use green tomatoe broth for many dishes.

  200. What about pizza with peppers not the spicey kind and mushrooms no meat?

  201. Dear Master Rorion Gracie, first I want to thank you very much for the wonderful contribute you and your sons are giving to the people all over the world. Sharing your family secrets about diet and techniques are so useful and incredibly effective. I can see behind all of them a very important message of peace. I started training last january in your jiu jitsu and I feel so well that I want to integrate it with the right diet. I fully trust your method. My question is about the imported fruits. It would be better to drink or eat the fruit produced by his own country, or is it fine even if it comes from distant lands ? Does not lose its nutritional properties ? For example here in Italy we find papaya which comes from Brasil and I was thinking at the long adventure these papaya has to face before being on my dish. Thanks a lot for your very kind attention, Francesco

  202. Dear Rorion,I just bought the book and reading it I got a doubt. Where fits whey protein?whithin group C?Thank you, Jorge Fumanal

  203. Olá Rorion, gostaria de saber se o queijo citado no livro "monterey jack", equivale ao queijo prato? se o cream cheese e o queijo prato, ou qualquer outro queijo aquecido sai do grupo C e passa pro grupo A. Gostaria tambem de saber sobre o tomate, se posso ou não come-lo na salada e sobre o molho de tomate, a qual grupo pertence? Obrigado! Ruan

  204. Hi, Thank you for your time! im confused because recently almost every "diet" tell us to eat every 3 or 4 hours because our metabolism is going to start being slow and we are going to get fat. Thank you!!

  205. Hi, can we have the same smoothie at breakfast and dinner, like banana watermelon smoothie?

  206. How do you feel about whey protein or other protein powders?

  207. Senor Rorion I was wondering lately I have not really been hungry is that normal I mean yes I eat but I find I can only eat very little and I always drink 1-2 glasses of water. I wait about 5 hours between meals always. Some days yes I am very hungry but I do not overeat. Has this ever happened to you or a family member I mean not really hungry or just only eat maybe one meal for the day?

  208. Do you think Vitamin supplements work? Do you recommend taking them?

  209. The diet states that bad combinations produce fermentation or blood acidity, what if you do get these effects? Whay give up combinations that you might like just to avoid fermentation or blood acicidy and what specific combinations produce each one. At home I want to get my kids on a healthy diet but my wife insist that their doctor recomends good amounts of protein and that the gracie diet is heavy on fruit which does not promote muscle growth as the doctor recoments. What considerations exist for 4 year olds? My father is a diabetic, Is the gracie diet good for diabetics? Can he have a watermelon smothie with 4 bananaas as diabetic?

  210. I read that Rorion is getting away from eating fish, and Ryron seems to be eliminating cheese from his diet. I am trying to do the same as well as eggs. These are all things I enjoy in my otherwise vegetarian diet but I see the merits of cutting them out so I am slowly making my way there. I wanted to ask how your Uncle Carlos felt about mushrooms? I read through all the questions and didn't see anything mentioned but I also don't see it in the list of a typical Gracie Diet week so it leads me to think maybe he didn't eat them? Thanks in advance and thank you for this way of life!!!

  211. With so many other and more up to date juicing technology (ie Omega VRT 330) that produce a higher juice yield, at slower rpms (less heat) and less oxidatiion (less bubbles) have you ever considered other juicers besides the champion? (understanding the Gracies have a long standing relationship with the company) thanks for your time

  212. How often to you release more 'How-To' videos? I find them very helpful and love like to see more. Also, I bought a Blendtec blender, a very powerful blender. It can juice fruits/veggies, but unlike a normal juicer there is no pulp left over. It all liquefies in the blender. Just wondering your view on this style of blend/juicing. Can check it out here: Thanks, Jeff

  213. Dear Master Rorion, in which group can be considered parmesan cheese and what about the cheese originated by the milk of goat and sheep. Thanks a lot for your kind attention, Francesco

  214. I am not very familiar with yerba mate (the kind popular in places like Uruguay and Argentina), but my wife is from Uruguay and both me and her drink yerba mate on occassion. I am wondering if this type of tea is one that is considered neutral? Is it bad for your system to drink this type of tea? Thank you Professor.

  215. Hello Mestre Rorion: Once again thenk you for sharing this information. I have the following questions: 1) Is bran considered a starch (Group B)? If so, can I mix wheat with wheat bran? Or, is it considered as a different starch. 2) Is gluten considered a starch (Group B)? Do you recommend it? 3) What are your thoughts on Miso. Best regards, Carlos

  216. My friend how can I lose weight only by eating bananas? I looked for some information in this site but I could not find any answer! Please, help!

  217. Senor Rorion is Munster cheese ok to eat with group C fresh since is has no taste?

  218. Does 'quark' cheese fit into the group C?It's a kind of fresh cheese but it has an acid taste similar to yogurt. Thanks.

  219. Can you clarify something that is in contradiction on your Facebook page: There is a discussion that apples in their raw form AND cooked bananas can be eaten with Group A. is this true? (Though your Food Groups say otherwise) Thank you

  220. Hello. Every time I go I can just choose to eat a meal between 14-day meal plan? For example I can choose a breakfast on Monday, a Wednesday lunch and a dinner on Saturday. And the whole wheat bread and biscuits that I bought is made ​​from wheat, quinoa, barley, rye, sesame, linseed, soybean, corn and oats, got a problem?

  221. What group does macadamia nuts fall in?

  222. Hi i recently completed the gst progrAm and since leaving the academy i have started the gracie diet. I m very happy with it and i have lost 6lbs in less then 2 weeks. My question is that i work a rotating schedule which means i work 8-4pm this week and 12-8am the following week nd when i stay up for 15 hours or more should i eat even though its at 4am ? Or force myself to hold off till 7am ?? i know rule of thumb is 3 meals per day& eat every 4.5 hours, but once a month i work midnights and im up from 3pm till 7 am :( Ps spending the 5 days at youre avademy in torrence inspired me more then words can say! Thank you -Jon

  223. Grandmaster Rorion, Is there a optimal temperature for cooking red meat?

  224. Hi- My husband just got your diet book, so I was going through it, and I noticed pork is not allowed. I was curious as to why that it? I checked earlier post, but the answer to every question is about cheese :) Thank you much! Shelly

  225. The current conventional wisdom in the States is that one should consume a meal within 45-60 minutes following a workout. What are your thoughts on this? Should we be planning our workouts and meals around each other so that we can eat right afterwards? thanks!

  226. Hello grand master Rorion, can you froze the vegetable juice for the next day?

  227. What group are cooked tomatoes in?

  228. Protein

  229. pork?

  230. Do you have a preference regarding grocery stores for fruit and veggies? I'm on the East Coast and there are not any places such as whole foods or farmers markets out here. Are Kroger stores ok?

  231. What group would white tea with rose petals brewed with it be under? or would it still be neutral with the rose petals?

  232. I've got 2 questions about the Gracie diet. I've bought and read the book and have been following it and I'm pretty sure I know the answers to my questions, but still feel compelled to ask. 1. I've been trying to stay gluten-free (no, I do not have celiacs or gluten intollerance), but the gluten-free breads seem to have multiple starches in them such as corn starch and soy technically, is that a no-no in the diet and if so, what break should I be using, whole wheat, whole grain, or multi-grain? 2. I drink a berry flavored green tea with natural flavors. It has organic acai juice in it as well as organic lemon juice and natural flavors of blueberry and pomegranite. Does this go against the Gracie diet even though it's a drink?

  233. Hey Rorion, how do you know it's the GD that has made your family strong and live long, when it could just be all the training they do??

  234. Prezado Rorion, tenho algumas perguntas e agradeço antecipadamente sua atenção: 1. Só pode ser feita uma única refeição com alimentos do grupo A+B (ex. carne com arroz integral), ou pode-se comer a mesma coisa no almoço e na janta? 2. É indispensável que o almoço ou janta seja só com frutas (grupo C)? 3. O intervalo entre as refeições pode ser diminuído para, por exemplo, 3 horas? 4. Em qual grupo está o amendoim? Muitíssimo obrigado. Abraços fraternos.

  235. Hi, I tried searching before asking.... Question: Cottage Cheese is in Group C. In Group F, it says that "Milk combines with milk derivatives, except curdled dairy products, which should be eaten alone." Which contradicts what it says about Cottage Cheese in Group C, which can be combined with anything else in Group C and even with one Group B also. Does Cottage Cheese not qualify as a Curdled Dairy Product? Please clarify...thanks! :)

  236. Hello Mestre Rorion! I have made a liter of the "Ryron Veggie Smoothie" which to my surprise tastes pretty good! (Zuchinni fits great too)! My question is the following: I know the best would be to have it as fresh as possible, but since it takes a while to make it, how long do you think you can keep it in the refrigerator before it goes bad or looses all its nutritive properties? Thank you.

  237. What group does Soy Nuts belong, A or B? Dan

  238. What brand of coconut water do you guys drink?

  239. If you vomit, does that mean you can try to eat a little something then or do you stil wait until your 4 1/2 hours is up from when you last ate?

  240. Dear GranMaster Rorion, when you drink a vegetables smoothie, than can you eat something else of group A with one of group B or you take it as a complete lunch ? And when would you suggest to drink fruits smoothie: breakfast, lunch or dinner ? Thanks a lot for your kind attention, Francesco

  241. Thank you for this website, help and orientation regarding the Gracie Diet. In the comment on top of the "Gracie Vegetable Smoothie" video it mentions the following: "Don’t be scared by the quantity of vegetables, since he is preparing enough vegetables to be used on four separate meal occasions." What´s the timespan he will drink the whole think? Thank you!

  242. I understand by the Gracie Diet, that fish and rice goes together, so therefore it is okay to eat sushi. Is it okay to eat wasabi with the sushi?

  243. Has anyone with Crohn's disease ever tried the Gracie diet with any success?

  244. What brand of coconut milk do you use when you make the baked fish a la coconut dish?

  245. Senor Rorion I was wondering I am thinking of only eating Cream, cottage, and ricotta cheese only but I am wondering what would be a good age to stop with all the other cheeses and focus in the ones listed above. ( I was thinking 40 years old I would stop)

  246. Is salt a neutral food? I came across a situation when I was having a watermelon and banana smoothie, and some one offered me a riceball(no meat or any thing else inside) with salt on top. I know fruits mix with one from Group B but didn't read anything about salt. Thanks! I also see people putting salt on watermelon before they eat...

  247. Caro Mestre Rórion Gracie, admiro muito seu trabalho e gostaria de esclarecer algumas dúvidas sobre a Dieta Gracie: 1. Existe alguma fundamentação científica que corrobore a hipótese de que o pH dos alimentos (ou de suas combinações) possa interferir na saúde? Quando a dieta foi concebida, por que se considerou o pH dos alimentos um parâmetro tão importante? 2. Há alguma justificativa fisiológica para o intervalo de 4 horas e meia, considerando que um intervalo tão prolongado faz com que a pessoa coma mais, apresente maiores níveis de insulina e tenha sua termogênese reduzida? 3. Um indivíduo com sobrepeso ou obesidade, consegue emagrecer com a Dieta Gracie, mesmo não fazendo nenhuma restrição calórica e se alimentando após intervalos longos? 4. Um atleta competidor de elite consegue suportar os árduos treinos somente com a Dieta Gracie e sem nenhum tipo de suplementação de macro ou micronutrientes? Agradeço antecipadamente sua gentil e costumeira atenção. Abraços fraternos.

  248. Hello, What are your preferred foods/food combinations when you are preparing for competition/training harder than usual? Best Regards, Geoff Novak

  249. Hello Mr, Roiron, what about the diferent blood type and that not every kind of food is good for everyone.And what about wheat? It is better if we dont eat it? Thank you

  250. Senor Rorion does mint leaves group at all?

  251. Hello. Every day at lunch, can I only drink vegetable juice and some more food compatible? Would It be a good meal and give me energy for the day?

  252. Under which group does vanilla fall?

  253. I am a vegetarian. Before I buy the book and start the diet, I would like to know if I can replace the meat with meat substitutes like tofu, seitan, or tempeh. If not, I think that I might be able to do fish, but would prefer remaining a vegetarian.

  254. The only subgroup of foods I have been unable to cut out of my diet is spicy foods. What quality or ingredient of spices hinders the digestive process? In a meal that is otherwise in accordance with the Gracie Diet, such as the Renergy sandwich, would the meal still be over 99% quality should I use the Spicy Kale Munchies

  255. Dear Grandmaster Rorion, is it possible to eat fresh cream cheese (stracchino) together with raw banana ? If I look at group E it seems not to be possible (banana only combine with fresh sweet fruits) but in the video "Gracie Diet Smoothie - Honeydew Melon" Rener put in the blender also some cheese with banana and melon. Thanks for your very kind attention and best greetings from Italy, Francesco

  256. Can you cook food in beer? For example, Hamburgers?

  257. Senor Rorion I know this is kinda a dumb question but I found a recipe for some powdered sugar, Corn Starch and sugar in a blender and then ready to use. Does that combine at all. I really do not eat sugar at all; I just wanted to know

  258. i'm very skinny and would like to gain weight. would taking a weight gainer be a good thing or not?

  259. Can we mix acidic fruits? Instead of just pineapple, maybe pineapple and mango? Or should we keep them separate? Thanks

  260. How often can pregnant women eat?

  261. Peaches are sweet. Why are they in Group D? And what group do nectarines fall under?

  262. What kind of plums are sweet and what kind are acidic?

  263. do you take protiem shakes on the diet thank you ossssu! -Shane

  264. Since I'm starting to do this. Is it healthy to eat just boiled saba banana? Is boiling it will not change any nutrients that is already there? Also since I'm a little bit confuse on the group combination, can i eat it with oatmeal? I want to try this for a month. Thanks!

  265. What group does golden rasins fall in? Thanks.

  266. Senor Rorion does whipping cream group at all?

  267. I am a competitive triathlete, 6'1'' 168lbs, and I am going to give your diet a try for two weeks but I have a few questions. I don't drink milk or eat any dairy but I do drink almond milk. What group does low calorie almond milk fall into? Nextly, I will fail the 4 1/2 hour rule by virtue of having to eat during longer 3-5 hour training sessions, how do I address that. Lasltly, I have had nothing but red apples, figs, and bananas for my first meal. Is that cool to start the day with or should I be looking at group B for the first meal. Thanks. Paul

  268. Will The Gracie Diet help me lower my high blood pressure by using better eating habits as well as exercising? My Dr. recently gave me medicine to start taking but I need to change my eating habits I thought the Gracie Diet might be my answer.

  269. hey i was wondering when you might have the champion juicer in stock again

  270. I have noticed you guys are big on the champion juicer I am saving up to buy one but in the mean time since I don't have access to fresh juice what would you recommend as far as obtaining juice for the smoothies and just for drinking?

  271. I love pizza and spaghetti sauce. However, I believe that these sauces are acidic since they are made with acidic tomatoes. What group do these sauce belong in? Can I combine them with pasta or pizza dough?

  272. hey im a 12 year old kid that wants to lose weight what can i do

  273. I have a doubt about bananas. When cooked I have seen in the book that they fall in group C.But I have read somewhere that they can be as well eaten with one starch,fats and meats or other animal protein.Is this right?Thank you.

  274. What group does Organic Soy Milk fit into? If it is Group A, does that mean no more organic raisin bran with organic soy milk for breakfast if I am sticking with the Gracie Diet? (The book says never combine Group A with Group C). I am confused. Help! Thanks!! Dina Hunter

  275. What should i eat after working out or after rolling on the mats? i know proteins very important for keeping strong, but i wanted to ask the experts!

  276. dear sir usually after my jiujitsu training, i drink a recovery protein shake; i want to recover in a more natural way, that's why i would like to know if you have a smoothie receipt which can replace my protein shake. as you can see here above, it is not a protein shake to build up muscles; but rather a low fat protein shake, to recover my muscles in order to not have pain the next day. thanks in advance for helping me, and by this way, thanks also to the gracie family to have develop to most fascinating and effective martial art ever ! amando

  277. Can i drink coconut water thru the day instead of bottled water?

  278. Society these days recommends the 5-6 small meals a day approach when it comes to diet. However, the gracie diet stresses only 3 meals a day. Is it okay to say eat 4 small meals a day on the gracie diet as long as there is a 4 1/2 hour distance between them? I read in a Rickson Gracie interview that he has adopted the 5-6 small meals approach but still follows the food combinations of the gracie diet.

  279. I juice mangoes but I do not juice papayas, what do I do with mamey sapote fruit? Thank you Professor.

  280. are empire and mac apples ok to juice for the smoothies?

  281. Hi, Ive been following the Gracie Diet and would like to ask how you recomend preparing oats for breakfast. Do you pre-soak them? Cook them with water or milk? Oats are one of my favourite breakfasts. Any advice greatly appreciated! Regards Micah

  282. Is it ok to wait longer than four and a half hours to eat a meal let's say o just got home from work now and of I were suppose to eat I would have to wait again to eat around 7:30 would holding out be damaging or counteractive to the process?

  283. how do I tell the difference between sweet & acidic grapes? pears? and tomatoes?

  284. Why do you avoid spicies in your diet? is there a reason?

  285. Hello again I was wondering something. I notice that corn and cheese can be changed from one group to another depending on how it is prepared. I notice tomato is a group d food and can not combined with any other food where would tomato soup stand?

  286. Mr.Rorion Gracie オリオン先生お元気ですか! 私は1998年? 1999年にTorranceのアカデミーに通った名前はHiroyoshi Itoと申します。当時留学をしておりました。今は帰国して日本に住んでます。一度先生の個人レッスンもうけましたよ。セルフディフェンスでしたね。お写真も撮ったりしました。 それで質問なんですが私は合計で15回以上アカデミーには通いました。DVDを見て、基本だけですがいつも基本の反復練習をしております。白帯なのですが、青帯をいただくことはできないのでしょうか? 一つだけ言わせてください。私は気が弱くていじめられっこでしたが、先生の教え、Gracie Jiu Jitsuのおかげで今こうやって正々堂々と生きております。うつ病で閉じこもりだった私を助けてくれたのが先生です。そして、学校にもちゃんと通い、卒業しました。本当にありがとうございました。 先生、お体には気を付けてください。                                    伊藤 宏良 Hiroyoshi Ito

  287. what group are refried beans in?

  288. Can one drink regular coffee on the Gracie diet or must it be decaf?

  289. entrega no Basil?!?!?

  290. I am a student at Gracie Daytona, a Relson Gracie Academy. Jiu Jitsu and the Gracie diet are an important part of my life. I am Muslim and tomorrow begins the month of Ramadan where we fast from Sun up to Sundown. Fast from food and drink. What do you recommend as my morning meal before the sun rises? Also what do you recommend to as a meal to break my fast at sunset? Your response is greatly appreciated.

  291. Hi I just finished reading the gracie diet book and can't wait to get started, I was just wondering, I know it says you shouldn't take suppliments, however I still lift weights and have noticed positive results from protein shakes, and use them in order to obtain more muscle mass. Is it bad to include protein shakes into the gracie diet?

  292. if i want a hamburger, may i have cheese on it? i am just beginning the diet

  293. i've been reading the FAQs and i think it was said that melted cheese (group C) is ok with group A. such as a cheeseburger, broccoli with cheese, or chicken with cheese. it this true?

  294. Is it ok to prepare a Group C smoothie the night before for breakfast and leave it in the fridge? Thanks..p.s. Love Dates now!!

  295. How can I get the same muscle mass protien shakes will give me from the gracie diet?

  296. i ordered the book but it's not here yet so i have two questions:1)do group A and C combine? and 2) for the apple banana smoothie, can i substitute the frozen bananas wirh ice?

  297. if chese is melted on bread can i not eat it with group b?

  298. Hello Grandmaster! I'm 19 years old, a college student and I don't like to cook! I thinking about eating a wide range of fruits during the day, and nuts for dinner, but I am worried about a possible lack of protein? I would really appreciate your opinion. Thanks. Joao - RS/Brasil

  299. Is it a rule of thumb of the Gracie Diet to have at least one cooked meal a day? Thanks!

  300. Hello! I would like to know if there is a recommendation about how many grams of protein one should consume each day. Thanks!

  301. Commercial coconut water. I noticed Rener got excited in one of his videos over "coconut one" he must drink it when a fresh coconut is not avail. My question is, in the brands "Zico", and "coconut one" the ingredients say, just coconut water. But at Costco they sell "vita coco" for a fraction of the price of the others, but the ingredients say coconut water, vitamin C. In your opinion/experience, would the added Vit C effect the vast array of health benefits, in other words does it weaken it? Also with the added Vit C does it then affect the "Gracie Diet" approach to drinking it throughout the day?

  302. Interactive Diet Table: Question. I love the meal you showed with the corn soup video; corn soup, cheese sandwich, avocado, cashews, olive oil, and salt, but when using the interactive diet table it does not allow me to make that combination, am I missing something?

  303. HI, Thanks so much for making The Gracie Diet available to the world! I must admit I have a lot of difficulties trying to follow the diet, but I am still trying. The worst part is directly after Gracie Jiu-Jitsu training and I really need something to eat, but 4 hours have not elapsed. My body demands something as soon as possible after training, is it OK to have a smoothie at this time? Thank-you for your time!

  304. can I mix grits with wheat toast?

  305. On the B group list it says "Cereals in general" i was wondering if this ment Box cereals or cereals as in grains. Also I was wondering what the best way to eat before a Jiu'jitsu tournimenet was? Is it best to have a cooked meal or a fruit meal, and how long before your up do you want to eat. Thanks, love the diet and live for the jiu'jitsu.

  306. hi grand master rorion I wonder if you can eat two meals in a row (4 1/2 hs separation) of the same group... for example a corn soup with chesse sandwich for lunch and a veggetable smoothy with rener sandwich for dinner. thanks so far

  307. Hello, Two questions: 1.) What wheat bread do you buy? 2.) What sourdough bread do you buy? I'm having the darndess time trying to find one that meshes with this awesome way of life...Thanks much!

  308. HI, Ive jsut read the book. Im not sure I understand how you would use food group D. Acidic. For example if I have berries and cannot eat them with anything else, then how would you eat them? I cant imagine eating a meals worth of berries as one of the 3 meals per day, and not meant to snack? Thanks Paul

  309. Am I allowed to eat ice cream for desert after eating chicken, brussel sprouts, and pasta?

  310. 1.) I like sambazon brand acai drinks, but they contain a small amount of lime juice, this means its group c and d which cant combine. is this ok or should I not drink it. 2.) I know that barely any foods are restricted on the gf as long as there in proper combination, but I notice a personal emphasis on raw fruits, what are your thoights on "raw food diets" and also "only raw fruit/fruitarian" diets? Thanks

  311. I recently read that coconutwater is a good source of electrolytes. now wouldn´t that be the ultimate post-workout drink, in accordance with the gracie diet ? Thanks for the JiuJitsu and the Diet. Have a good day.

  312. Is ketchup good for the body? Thanks in advance. have a great day

  313. eating bananas as the only many can you eat at one seating? breakfast, how much oatmeal? dinner, amount of cottage cheese, bread, figs actually all ingredients on dinner plan????

  314. Sorry, with all the fruit on the plan how does that affect a person with high blood sugar?

  315. Other than cantaloupe apples what other fruits would you recommend i use in the juicer

  316. Are Bartlett pears in Group C or Group D?

  317. Hi Mister Gracie, I am a mother of 6 boys their ages are 2 and a half,12,13,14,16,and 18.In your book you state that an adult should have only 3 meals a day where a child is permitted to have 4 meals a day so my first question is at what age is a person considered an adult in terms of the gracie diet?secondly earlier you said that soy sauce does not combine with rice,can you tell me what it does combine with?lastly , in your book you say to not eat the same food within a 24hr period but in your 14 day menu plan you state that it is ok to use the same vegetables that you used in the salad(which i think you had for lunch) in a vegetable juice at dinner.I am a bit confused?

  318. Thanks for this amazing website! I have three questions: 1) I heard once that Grand Master Helio used to eat honey everyday, is this correct? If so, how much did he have? 2) Besides what is forgiven by the Gracie Diet, what else did Grand Master Helio avoid eating? 2) What did Royce have (drink or eat) in between fights during UFC 1, 2, 3 and 4? Thank you!

  319. Im gluten-intolerant. and all of the breads and flourmixes in the stores contain more than one starch. Any tips on what to do?. and, Rice+chicken and currysauce. Is it an okay meal.? I haven´t thought so much how my stomach reacts when I eat it. Thanks

  320. Soy Sauce & Lemon Juice for cooking: Hello, I have a recipe that calls for cooking chicken in a sauce pan, and adding soy sauce, and lemon juice while cooking. Is cooking chicken with soy sauce & lemon juice within the Gracie Diet? Thanks Much!

  321. I can´t find honey in any of the food groups. Rener said that Grandmaster Helio consumed honey every evening, so I´m just curious how he combined it. Thanks!

  322. is vinegar ok in the gracie diet

  323. I have a question you see today I had a tournament In bjj. I made a cantaloupe juice smoothies with acai' and bananas drove two hours and then waited about two and a half hours before my belt division started what could I have brought with me and how long before my match should I have eaten it

  324. Hi grand master. I ask you if I could eat milk and bread with butter and you recomend me other thing more healthy.. where I can get calcium?? thanks so far from argentina

  325. May I add some apple cider vinegar to my salads? Thanks!

  326. What about Hot Sauces?

  327. Is the dry tomato group A or C Thank you for your advises at the table and on the mat

  328. why dont you eat the watermelon ? you just use the juice

  329. I have a question about supplements. Particularly the omega 3 fish and flax oil pills. They're supposed to be great to assist in the absorption of proteins, but while on the Gracie diet, should they only be consumed during your cooked meals and avoided otherwise?

  330. is cooked beans and brown rice combine with eash other

  331. Should I seek to not use supplements all together and focus on proper vitamins and minerals in high quality foods themselves?

  332. ryron what foods do you eat for all nine of the "essential" amino acids

  333. Im trying to loose weight on the gracie diet can i substitute two meals a day with smoothie or that is not recommended.?? ???

  334. Señor Rorian where does chayote group?

  335. hi master I wonder to know if I can salt the avocados after smash? thanks so far

  336. Señor Rorion where does popcorn group?

  337. In the Gracie Book it says that cooked bananas enter in group A. However I see them in group C... In which group does it belong?

  338. How would a person be able to follow / or what would you recommend a person to do to be able to follow the Gracie Diet when they have been unable to keep normal food down for 15 years? I can eat a few bites of a nutrition bar (not just any... a specific one) and have recently been able to add in banana baby food a few ounces at a time and few spoonfuls of natural / local honey a day. No traditional medical treatments have helped and well some of the holistic doctors have really not helped. Do you think this would help and if so how would you recommend i start?

  339. Rorion, the gracie diet and "trophology" are very similar. Did master Carlos Gracie study the diets of the ancient chinese taoists and their understanding of enzymes, the living parts of foods? What teas do you recommend?

  340. If i am not eating a meal, but just having a snack such as a few clementines or oranges, how long must you wait before eating a solid meal (ex: oranges at 4:30 PM and dinner can be eaten when??)

  341. can i eat yogurt together with sweet fruits

  342. what type of recipies are there for goji and or acai fruit

  343. why are the gracies so great at keeping their diet is it self discipline routine or what?

  344. do the gracies ever go on an all liquid diet or a say grape detox or anything like this?

  345. I got pulled out with friends to go eat, in a last ditch effort I ran to Starbucks hopefully to find some bananas. They were out of them and most everything else. I chose a chicken salad on whole wheat, but it had cranberries. Though Im pretty sure it would be an acidic fruit, I didn't see it on the food groups...are cranberries allowed? If so where would they fall?

  346. Group A and C never combine. Cooked bananas are treated as group C. How exactly does it combine with group A?

  347. Boa tarde, Estou adotando a prática da GD há algumas semanas, já li - mais de uma vez - o livro, porém ainda tenho algumas dúvidas pendentes: - Ao contrário da orientação do livro, tenho necessidade de fazer 04 refeições ao longo do dia (sempre respeitando o intervalo de 4 horas e meia). Existe algum impedimento nesse sentido?; - No Forúm do site, você respondeu à uma pergunta dizendo que é possível comer arroz com o 'caldo do feijão' apenas. Está correto essa combinação?; - A orientação de evitar repetir o mesmo alimento dentro de 24 horas, serve exclusivamente para que o corpo possa obter nutrientes de diversas fontes alimentares, certo? Ou existe outra razão? Agradeço a atenção e parabéns pelo trabalho! Tenha um ótimo final de semana!

  348. i am a chef so i find it hard to do this type of diet but i realy do tried any advice pls and tips to help me pls

  349. Working hard outside in the for 12+ hrs, I need to drink alot. Too much water gives you cramps. Is there a drink with extra electrolites that fits this diet? Not really an energy drink, but something like gaterade.

  350. With such healthy and strict diets, Do you ever go out to eat at restaurants? if so which ones? ( so I know which ones are GD approved ) and what do you get to eat there? Thanks for taking your time to answer my question. your diet and lifestyle examples have really been helpful for me and my life, and many others as well!

  351. hi. my name is diaz I'm really interested to follow the gracie diet methods. but firstly, i m just want to tell you that I'm a person that can't live without rice. i always have rice in my every meal ( i think most asian do). is there anyway in gracie diet theory that could replace rice as my carbohydrate consumption ? thx. sorry for the bad english

  352. My wife is from Brazil and is wondering about something called " Palmito " ( hope you have heard of this ). Sounds like Palmetto, like the tree in English. Is this food GD approved? and what category would that fall into? Is it a healthy food? Muito Obrigado senhor!

  353. hi i have a question can i drink alcohol sometimes lets say once or twice a month. and im planning to buy the book witch one should i buy the gracie diet or super fit by royce gracie thank you very much

  354. Hello, I have seen on the how to section different ways of using the Gracie Juice bag. I just bought your book and bag, just waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I have already started the diet by cutting out all soda, fast food, junk food etc. I'm reading these questions and your website to learn more. So, to add diversity to the diet, is it possible to use the juice bag for other fruits other than water Mellon or grapes, such as oranges, clementines, maybe kiwi etc? or is it best just for those specified ones. Thank you for your time and response.

  355. Hi Rorion, Does the Parmesan cheese combine with pasta if this has olive oil, or tomato sauce? Thanks

  356. G'day Rorion - Brad Hope here (CTC Cairns Australia) My partner Jan and I have just started the Gracie diet and our general daily schedule is 7.30 am breakfast - 12.00 noon is lunch and from then till 8.00pm at work running the school and assisting class. Can you please give us your advice on what we can eat or snack on between 12.00 noon lunch and 8.00pm dinner. Kind regards Brad & Jan

  357. Grape, pairs, plums and tomatoes can be sweet or acedic.What is the difference? When I am shopping, what do I by?

  358. Where algae like spirulina falls?Thanks

  359. Good Evening Mr. Gracie! I just finished reading your book! It is wonderful! My question is about chicken and/or tuna salad, you know the kind mixed with mayo normally, lets say on wheat or some kind of bread. Is this GD friendly? and what category would that be in? Also I saw in your book some examples of pizza. Is regular cheese pizza ( crust, cheese and the tomato sauce) okay? It seemed like the examples you had were either not with sauce or the sauce was not listed. Thanks for answering all of these questions for us and helping us live more healthy and abundant lives! um abraco

  360. Hello, I see that Rye crackers are good to eat at times. Right now I only have regular old saltine crackers, are they GD approved? and if so what group? Thanks!

  361. Thank you for writing my new favorite book! I am not lactose intolerant, but I do not like cheese, strange I know. I don't like the taste or texture of it. I also don't drink much milk and from reading your book I see that as an adult i'm better off staying away from it. The question I have is can you please recommend a food, or foods that can replace the nutritional value lost by not having cheese/milk in my diet. Many recipes call for cheese in one form or another. also is yogurt okay, which "flavor" would be most healthy. sorry that I have now wrote my own book here :)) thanks for the help!

  362. Good Evening sir! I saw on Rener's smoothie video he said never to touch the bananas? why is that? Also in a smoothie like watermelon and Banana, when water Mellon is out of season is it acceptable to use grapes instead, for the juice? Thanks for helping me turn my poor eating and drinking habits around, and now I am feeling the effects of a more healthy life style, one day at a time!

  363. Hey Mr. Gracie. i am 15 and a martial artist for a few years. i have an allergy problem that none of the doctors i have been to know anything about. many people have suggested i change my diet. i get alot of viruses and the doctors said theres something wrong with my immune system and i break out in rashes. i stumbled across one of your articles in my old Black Belt book. do you think this diet will help me?

  364. hello, since we are all family here I guess I wont be to shy! Since starting the Gracie diet I am feeling much more healthy! One small side effect I am noticing is that im feeling more constipated than before. Do you have any suggestions to make this go away? I eat fruits, veggies, sometimes meat, follow the combination chart and drink water and coconut juice! Thank you for the relief, literally :)

  365. Hey Mr. Gracie, Hope your doing well! Got a quick question about Tomatoes. How do I know if they are sweet or acidic? also same question about grapes, are the green generally acidic and the purple generally sweet? Thanks for clearing this up for me sir.

  366. Why is it a good idea not to drink to much water/fuids while eating your meals? something with the digestion? thanks!

  367. GreetInge it has been a A while since I have asked for advice Gracie diet is going well for me but I have a question regarding the juice bag that I have. I clean it like crazy and use it frequently but it is very stained and I feel that I should buy another bag. If I do how do you guys stop or prevent the staining and which way should I have the bag when I use it with the fold at the opening on the outside to me or on the inside

  368. I recently went to a local health store that also has a 100% organic cafe in it also. They have something called an Acai bowl. Being from Brasil I am sure you have heard of this. Their bowl consisted of Acai, Bannans on top and also pieces of granola. Is this Gracie Diet Approved? would you eat that alone or with something else also? Thanks very much. Eu falo portuguese tambem, muito obrigado!

  369. When Your family drinks orange juice do you normally buy the juice or squeeze the oranges and get fresh all natural juice? or something different? I know as an acidic fruit you must eat it alone and preferable around twice a week ( I'm Learning! ) so im just wondering how to incorporate that into my diet.

  370. I am reading right now Carlos Gracie Book, and it is mentioned a detox developed by carlos using lemons, grapes and even nofood or water for 24 hours, where could I find more precise information on how to do it thanks

  371. I only weigh about 115 pounds right now and im trying to go up in weight what are some good recipies for weight gain?

  372. Recently on Facebook, Rener posted a picture of Ricon on his 3rd birthday. In the picture, there appears to be some type of cake or flan. I was wondering what are the ingredients and how it is prepared. My son has a birthday coming up, and we would like to have something similar for him. Thanks!

  373. Mr. Rorion Gracie. My name is Abraham Jimenez and i been following the Gracie diet for 3 months and I have seen that my energy levels and health have improved tremendously that every one has seen the difference that now my entire family wants to follow the Gracie diet but as you know we need to find a wholesaler grocery supply as you mentioned in your book so here I am looking for the Gracie Family advised to where to find a good wholesaler grocery in Los Angeles CA ? Thanks in advanced for your help in this matter. To your success in all that you do . Sincerely. Abraham Jimenez.

  374. Why is it that you believe people should omit Cinammon from their diet? From my understanding both from a Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine standpoint is that this particular spice is suppose to be good to help regulate you blood sugar aside from the fact that it's a traditional mexican tea. Also, what are your thoughts on using Agave Syrup? I don't believe I saw a reference to this. One last question: What are your thoughts on Kimchee which is a common Korean side dish known for it's high anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties?

  375. IS there much support for eating meats within the gracie diet?

  376. good day sir, In the diet book I see that people over 40 should fast. Im in my mid 20's, following the Gracie Diet now for about 3 weeks and feel great! Is it a good idea to do a fast once a month or so at my age? many thanks.

  377. In the near future, Will there be more print materials, recipie books, how to Videos, ETC concerning the Gracie Diet?

  378. do you a french translation book please ? isbn ? or french title ? thank you in advance

  379. What is the best way to prepare figs for a group C meal?

  380. is flavored Greek yogurt okay to eat? Can it only be eaten alone? Is dark chocolate good? In what group does it fit in? What group does creamy, spreadable Swiss cheese fit in?

  381. According to your video you posted about Acai said honey could not be combined with bannanas. But in your website you have food groups. And there you state you can combine the two. I am a little confused now. Can you clarify this for me?

  382. I need to lose 30 lbs fats what should I eat

  383. Hello I want to gain muscle mass, what do you recommend about supplements?

  384. What group does canned tuna, tofu, hummus belong in? Is garlic salt good?

  385. Grandmaster Rorion, which pears are sweet pears. Thank you, Sir. J.A. Grove P.S. Have you ever made smoothies with the Rei melon (from Brazil, I think) ?

  386. Hi, my name's gabriel I live in brazil so i can't buy your juicer, do you have another juicer option? Thank you, gabriel

  387. Hello guys! i'm traning bjj from 7 to 9am and i got 2 questions for you... 1) what can i eat before my 7am training like a pre workout food? and 2) if i eat (let´s say at 6 am before my training) my next meal should be at 10 30 am, even when i finished my training at 9 am? i really aprecciate your help because i need to go down a few pound to get into my weight class.. thank you very much!

  388. I've been a long time subscriber to the Gracie principles and both YouTube channels (and my Gracie juice bag is seldom in the drawer for more than a few hours), and when my old juicer recently gave up the ghost, I went straight for the Gracie juicer. What I found, however, was that the juicer was advertised for $245 on your website, but when I clicked the "BUY" tab, I was taken to a site that was charging $269, before shipping charges were applied. I'm willing to pay the $245, but the additional $24 is an expense I can't cover. Is there a location where I can purchase the Gracie Champion Juicer for the price advertised on the Gracie website?

  389. Once again thank you for your advises. What do you think about ginseng? Is it combine with another food? What is the food group? Another question about coconut water: is it combine with ananas juice Best regards from Paris France

  390. I have seen that fresh figs fall in group C, but what about dried figs?Thanks

  391. Hi i saw that pepper is to be avoided, why so? are there adverse effects from say having pepeer on a salad?

  392. i have just been diagnosed with gall stones and need to go on a no or low fat diet... will this be suitable for me

  393. Does coconut mix with dates and almonds at the same time??

  394. Hi, i´m from Mexico and here we eat nopales (Its a cactus plant), which group belongs? regards.... Feno

  395. Hey Gracies! How much milk should I, a 15+ boy, drin and how often? Do you have any stretching tips and exercises for the legs and my back cause its killing me and at such a young age, i wouldnt want to have a temporary back problem for life. Thanks Guys!!!!!!!

  396. Can you have eggs and cream cheese together? If you Can't have group A and group C together how does this quiche recipe work? Confused.

  397. at what times do you perfer to eat the meals?

  398. what food group does turkey fall under



  401. Is hemp seed in group A?

  402. Caro Mestre Rorion! Obrigado por toda a sua atencao ao ajudarnos com tantas perguntas! Eu gostaria de saber se podemos beber Soy Milk que vem com calcio e vitamina B12 ou apenas o Soy Milk Organic? Posso usar extracto de tomate no macarrao com atum e azeite de oliva? Ultima pergunta, eu tenho 18 anos e gostaria de ganhar um pouco de peso mais meu treinador quer que eu treine jiu jitsu 4-5 dias na semana, eu vou perder muito peso se eu treinar desse jeito? Obrigado. Lucas Orlani. London

  403. How does this diet work for someone who plays soccer 2-3 times a week and go to gym 2-3 times a week?

  404. Hello Rorion! On which group Mint, Peppermint and Rosemary (Hortelã, Menta e Alecrim) falls in? And does raw Apple (Maçã normal) combine with group A/ Vegetable Smoothie? Muito Obrigado! Lucas Orlani, London

  405. What's the best way to prep guava to juice.

  406. Are sundried (or dehydrated) tomatoes considered "cooked tomatoes"? Does using my dehydrater on fruits and vegetables, I grow in my organic garden (to store for winter eating) change their combining group?

  407. My wife is brazilian and I travel there frequently . I really enjoy to eat all the brazilian fruits ,but I dont see any of them listed outside of acai in the groups . My favorites are caja,acerola,graviola,mangaba,pitanga, and caju. What groups do these fall in ?

  408. ok Senor Rorion I saw in a previous post that raw apples with pulp combine with Group A? If this is true which other fruits do that; I am still perfecting certain recipes and would be interested in what other random things I can make. I did read the book and there are questions here that have answers that are not in the book. Thank you.

  409. Hello there. Greatings from Europe/Bulgaria. I have a few questions after I ordered, received and read the book. I also read most of the questions/answers here, but didn't find something that can help me. - In my country we did not have gracie juice bags or any juice bags, so where I can get some and is it a problem when I get for example a orange fresh (7-8 oranges juiced) for breakfast to have also some parts of the oranges in it, because there isnt any jiuce bags? - As I am doing BJJ I found that fish oil for example is helping me a lot but its not easy to get all omega 3 from food, especially in my country, so can I use it, and when? (note: I read that you answered - page 67 for supplements, but in my book, at page 67 there is no single word about supplements????) (note: also I read somewhere bellow that p.72-75 for smoothies - am I with different book??? :)) I have only the vegetable one at the end of the book ) - please give more smoothies recipes. Best regards

  410. We dont have ACAI frozen bars in Europe. Can we put something else instead of it for example in Roliday Rappiness Smoothie or in the other ones or we can skip it when making such kind of smoothies where you are putting it. Thanks.

  411. Would a pizza fit in the Gracie Diet as long as it is fresh made and considers the combinations?

  412. how do you lose weight'

  413. Hey i just started the gracie diet and i was wondering if you have any other sandwhich recipes like the renergy sandwhich ?

  414. The quiche recipes call for cream cheese but when i do the interactive menu it says cream cheese doesn't combine. Does it?

  415. What's wrong with pepper? Why no pork?

  416. I'm a firefighter, sometimes we start a meal and get a call. We could be gone for 10, 20, 30 minutes up to 3-4 hours. This all depends on the type of call. If I'm in the middle of my meal and we get a call. At what point do I say this meal is over?

  417. Thank you for sharing the Gracie Diet and trying to combat the obesiety problem world wide. I have spent the past 4 years studying athletic performance, and much of that was in regards to sports nutrition. I am committed to this diet. Currenlty I'm testing for my own sake results of either pre or post workout recovery nutrition. What I'm wondering is: Historically, what has seemed to be the optimal nutrition timing for your families workouts (albiet jiu-jitsu training/general physical training/ challenge matches)? On a separate note, I wish I'd have come across this diet while I was in college; I'd have appreciated the intellectual battle with my pro-government sponsored nutrition professor's.

  418. Hi For breakfast I like porridge oats made with Soya milk, honey and raw bananas. I think the oats and honey are ok but is it fine made with Soya or would it be better with water? and the bananas dont combine either with this?

  419. In regards to fruits in Group D like blueberries, or raspberries as it is "Un-Gracie" to combine with other fruits: How does one consume these foods besides eating enough of them for a meal, or juicing them for a drink? I'm assuming your answer will be "there is no other way" but that's a lot of blueberries my friend! If there is no other way to consume this group, how often (weekly/monthly/yearly) do any of you consume a meal of just Group D? Thanks for always reminding us to keep it real! Please keep it up!!! Adam

  420. Mestre Rorion: What are your thoughts on yogurt? Do you drink it? How often? Thank you.

  421. Flax seeds: A ou B ? Thanks for the best nutrition way ever! Merry Xmas !

  422. Hello Rorion, I really enjoyed the book, how do I buy it if I live in Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre)? thank you *traduction Ola Rorion, Gostei muito do livro, como faço para comprá-lo se moro no Brasil (Rio Grande do Sul-Porto Alegre)? Obrigado

  423. The Gracies drink watermelon juice everyday. Watermelons are seasonal so how do you get the juice when they are not in season? Thanks! -Avi

  424. When do you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner?

  425. How do you combine your workouts with the Gracie Diet? For example I train cardio first thing in the morning and train martial arts at around 7 at night. What would be the best way to utilize the diet with my workout schedule? Thanks!

  426. does cheese go with anything in group A? For example a chicken sandwich with a slice of cheese on it.

  427. Happy holidays I have a question regarding the diet. When I eat my eggs I use ketchup is that still allowed on the diet?

  428. I am just starting the Gracie Diet and I have just seen an energy drink called rockstar coconut water is this acceptable as part of the diet

  429. Mr Rorion, which vegetable and fruits must be organic vs none organic? thanks for your help.

  430. Hello Rorion: When will be released in Brazil "The Gracie diet"? Thank you.

  431. What if somebody works at night? What should they do? Should they eat during the day and nothing at night? Or should they eat one meal in the afternoon, one meal in the evening, & one meal in the middle of the night?

  432. Hi, just recieved the book in England but I could do with a quick clarification please. If I have wheat for breakfast today (eg toast) is it that I should weight 24 from eating it before having more wheat? Eg toast for breakfast tomorrow is fine. Thanks very much.

  433. it is mentioned not to eat mil mucous etc but wondering as cheese is a huge part of the diet what is the thoughton that as it comes from milk? regards danny

  434. For breakfast my family makes waffles and is usually served with syrup. Is syrup alowed since honey is also

  435. Im following GD for 4 months and my question is about bananas. All The sweet fruits are allowed to combine with but not bananas. Is that Because of The high calories in both? I lost too much weight on GD, and thats not my goal! Never was, im too skiny! Im trying To space meals in 4 h, increase the amount of Food/calories, still having one C meal per day, but still having difficults, and I dont want To stop GD..

  436. Video suggestion for Rorion or Rener: to suggest a few recipes for Subway sandwiches or maybe even some other fast food stuff. Although it isn't idea, it's a baby step in the right direction! Thanks!

  437. I noticed that Kale is one of Ryron's favorite foods and that it is listed in the Gracie Diet under Group A. My questions is how do you cook it? Do you have any favorite recipes for kale? Thank you and God bless you and your entire wonderful family.

  438. I can only eat foods from group A, and since they combine with each other it seems like this is optimal for digestion - but do you think it is also balanced enough in nutrition. I eat a lot of veggies with each meal, and try to keep my meat choices lean. I eat nuts for fat, and as an occasional snack when I'm being social. I train an average of twice a week in GJJ and train once a week in dance, also I run as often as I can. Thank you for this site, and in advance for your response!!!

  439. What do the Gracies consume when sick with a cold, or flu? Or should I say, how would you go about choking out the cold or flu bug? :) Thanks guys!!!

  440. hi, must reinforce the neck region and fight the botom-net attac have sometimes very hight temperature , take cold water like mercure is very lo3(toxic) witch foods for that , please mr Rorion?? thank you for the book with hélio gracie slmes

  441. On the gracie diet, it says you can eat anything but pork. So that means you can eat fries, burgers, pizza, etc. as long as you combine it? If so, would you ban those if youre trying to lose weight?

  442. Congratulation i love it the gracie diet, i want to buy the book , but i live in ecuador how can to buy? do you have these book in spanish?

  443. Hi, I need to know the position of the Gracie Diet about the several proteins available (whey, casein, soy, etc.). I've already read the answer in similar questions - "read page 67" - but there's no no reference in that page. Perhaps I've got another book edition ? Thanks.

  444. What food group are: -Ginseng root -parsnip Thks

  445. Mr Gracie, my name is Michael brooks. I Gave been a martial artist for fifteen years. I've followed the diet off and on since Royce came out with super fit. I'm 26 years old, when I was younger I had no problems walking around ad 195-200 lbs. now I'm 220 lbs and its not so easy to lose it now. When you work out really hard and do lots of training is it ok to eat three big meals and 2-3 snacks if Im trying to get back dian to that weight? M

  446. Is it. Ok to eat fruit at night .. Because that's when I've got a sweet tooth hahahaha .

  447. What group would coconut oil fall under?

  448. Hi there. I have an intolerance to whey (found in dairy products). I also have an intolerance to eggs. I've been trying different diets as I also have frequent and severe heart burn. The Gracie diet seems to be helping, however I have problems finding adequate protein sources. I train bjj 3 times a week, and I also weight train and do yoga. I find my body is sore longer and my recovery time has increased. I'm trying to go vegetarian but without dairy for protein this is proving difficult. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time and for developing this wonderful website. It's a great tool with lots of great advice! Obrigado professor!

  449. I want to order the Gracie diet book, but I live in Norway and with the shipping price being over 40 dollars its nearly twice the price of the book. Is there a downloadable version in PDF format i can get once purchased? Kind regards David Crossley

  450. Mr Gracie, hate to bother you again but I was wondering how this can work. I'm in the army and I have pt in the morning at 6:30 get done with that at 8. I get released for lunch at 11:30 but I'm starving at that time and I eat dinner at 6:30 or 7:00 is that ok?

  451. Is it harmful or wrong to mix (eat protein with citrus) Protein and any type of citrus or acidic food (Oranges, lemons, lime, etc.) ?

  452. Mestre Rorion, i began capoeira during last years summer but i always was interested in general fitness, nutrition and other martial arts. I have a great amount of respect for you and your family. The most fascinating thing for me is how you integrated brazilian jiujitsu to your lifestyle and made it a way of life. My question: What do you think about eating foods in season? Pro´s and Con´s ? Thank you very much

  453. Hello, I am just beginning the Gracie Diet and I was curious if you may have pointers for someone with a high metabolism to gain about 50 lbs. I am 6'1" and weigh 135lbs

  454. Señor Roion a while back you told me that if I were to bake bananas in the peel at 300 degrees plus and then crush them in a liquid form when they are finished that they can be eaten with a wheat cracker; is this still true? If so then does that mean that they combine with group B?

  455. I see you discourage the use of milk. Do you have an opinion on the use of fresh, clean, raw milk and cream, which does not cause many of the problems associated with milk, such as protein or lactose intolerance, and mucous build-up?

  456. I would like to know the classification of Guarana ( pownder and extract) and its proper combinations. Do it go well with Açai ( very popular in Brazil) ? Thanks.

  457. Hello gracie i just finished watching rener gracie antioxidant acai superbowl which it looks good and want to try it myself but i saw that cacao doesn't mix well with acai and the other ingredients use for this acai bowl just wondering if it's ok to mix it up

  458. On Page 96 of The Gracie Diet - Monday Breakfast. Why did you combine F (Milk) and A (grilled Monterey Jack cheese)? It is mentioned in Page 53 that Milk (F) should not be combined with any of Group A.

  459. What is wrong if the bread is not toasted? Why is it recommended to toast the bread? Thanks!

  460. Grandmaster Gracie and Family, does chocolate soy milk violate the Gracie Diet? Earlier posts informs soy is in group B and the natural chocolate would fall into group C, correct? Sometimes I will drink this right after BJJ if I am too tired to juice fruits. Love the book and juice bag!

  461. Grandmaster Gracie and Family, a question about grated parmesan cheese (stinky cheese!). Our family uses this A LOT when eating spaghetti or pizza but it is normally added right before the food is consumed. Do you think it is okay to add after the food has been cooked or do I need to add this (topically) at the end of the cooking cycle. 3 months on the diet and acid reflux is gone!

  462. @ Rener-I was wondering what model Breville juicer do u use?

  463. What is your opinion on juicing a fruit, say a watermelon, and then keeping it in the fridge in a closed container to make a smoothie or drink it later? Is it a bad idea? Will it loose its vitamins? Thanks! -Santiago

  464. What is your opinion on Bread and Butter?

  465. Mr.Gracie, I have a dilemma or buying the champion juicer and or the masticating green juicer (Omega 8003) so i would like to appeal to your knowledge and your experience. thanks for your help.

  466. I start the diet and i wanted to know if the diet goes with any concerning with sleeping well when sleeping ? How many hours per night ? Thx

  467. Can I eat Jalepeños? What group is seaweed in? And I bought cashews and they are made with peanut oil and soybean oil. Is that ok? Obrigado.

  468. Are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches compatible in the Gracie Diet?

  469. Cacao nibs (cocoa) and granola (nuts, etc) in the Antioxidant Acai Superbowl (Rener Gracie Variation)? I thought they were group B and should not mix, or have I missed something? /Micael

  470. Once again thank you very much for all your guidance! I have a question regarding Rener´s Acai Superbowl! It contains Cacao nibs (group A), Acai (group C) and granola, which I assume has oatmeal in it (group B). Would this be an exemption to the diet or is my assumpption about granola containing oatmeal incorrect! Thank you.

  471. The Interactive Gracie Diet Table allows combining sub-acidic fruits, i.e., guava with red apples with plums. Are there any exceptions to the rule of not combining sub-acidic fruits with one another? Thanks!

  472. Are powdered acais alright to eat/mix in a smoothie?

  473. Milk Chocolates got to be the most notorious Gracie Diet violator and yet eaten by almost all people because they are readily available in stores and marketed heavily (any brand). It has cocoa (A), sugar (C), and milk (F). It combines A + C, and Milk + A, and Milk + Sugar. I very rarely eat chocolates. But now I am totally not having any, ever. Thanks!

  474. This is GREAT, I´m lose 13 Kg. in 3 months eating 2 meals of fruit ( 1 of a single fruit just as the book say) and 1 of Group 1 a Day and feel strong but a month ago I began running and biking again (about 1/2 - 1 hour daily) and stopped losing weight, do i have to change something, include some kind of foods, what am i doing wrong?....

  475. its better if i have fruit for breakfast or is it better for dinner? Thank you

  476. Hello again, Sundays i have my longest workout (about 2 -3 hours running and biking), i breakfast a smoothie ( ej. Melon, Raw oat an honey) 1 hour before starting, is it OK to eat something in the middle - end of the workout to recovery even if there is less than 4.5 hours after the breakfast? ... if i can what is the best food to eat.... Thank´s....

  477. I have gastritis and a fast burning metabalizism which requires me to eat small meals through out the day. I was wondering if the Gracie Diet was right for me since it requires to eat every 4 12 hours. Thank you-Miguel

  478. Can I do gracie diet to gain wheight and lean mass ?

  479. What kind of sandwich can you eat for lunch I just started on the diet

  480. I usually add kiwis and avocado to my smoothies, along with strawberries, mixed berries and bananas, is this bad? Also is nutritional yeast considered neutral? I love to add that to my smoothies. Thank you.

  481. Is orange juice group C or group D?

  482. Good afternoon Master Rorion even for a HARDGAINNER, IS better to eat 4 meals instead 6 a day ? obs: I train BJJ 5 times a week

  483. Hello, Is the Gracie Diet book sold wholesale? I'm a book buyer for two health food stores. I'm interested in purchase 12 books wholesale for one of the stores. Thank you, John Lutz

  484. hi I'M Paddy , I'M 23 years old and just starting to become uncomfortable with the way I feel physically . I would like to change this and wonder if it is easy to follow your diet .. I'M in Ireland . I have been going through a Rough year with my dad .. and have been very down with life . I want to change and become better .. Do you think this can help me feel Better . and not just slip back to eating Junk Food. I'm hoping to meet you guys over here in Ireland when you come next . Thanks , Paddy

  485. Your diet suggests lots of friut combinations which I think is great. I have followed some of your smoothie recipes from youtube and I really enjoy them. However,it seems to contradict what every fitness guru out there preaches, that too much fruit is bad for you.That eating friut by its self is bad because of its sugar content. It obviously works for your family, so what's the truth

  486. Why not Pepper?

  487. in the gracie diet book. the mashed potatoe recipe how can you have mashed potatoes with cream cheese and butter? can you explain to me?

  488. What is important,or what is the better option: A)To Eat every 3 and a half hours, with proper combinations,or B)To Eat every 5 hours with not good combinations. Obrigado.

  489. Can you have watermelon juice with a Group A,B meal?

  490. I am on Gracie diet since last year,when i recive the book,and i it was crucial for me to space the meals.Combination of food are pretty much the same, i ate it in my family since i was born,but i had snacks.Now i see and feel the real gain of spacing the meals.But,my last question was accorded to my friend who was confuse and he wanted to know is it better to space the meals or to combine the food in the right way with 3 hours in between meals.I think its better to space it,but opinions are different.What do you think? Obrigado from Serbia,Europe.

  491. Hi Im Patrick Maloney and i live in the united kingdom, do you know if there is any way for me to get the acia roots frozen packs. Thanks for your help

  492. Hello, is it possible to soak food like chickpeas with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)? Or do we must avoid it? Thank you

  493. I have felt difficulty winning guys bigger and stronger than me, yet I must follow the Gracie diet, slim too, and I followed the diet gracie just right. are as six months. But I feel that I become a good athlete need more muscle, I'm a brown belt in judo and BJJ i'm Purple. I HAVE BEEN FINISHED WITH EASE, KNOW CARLOS, HELIO MORE BEING SKINNY guys faced stronger. but what I say, seek supplements? thanks a lot

  494. Hello...hope all is well. I train with Pedro Valente in Miami and would like to know what food group Plantains fall into. My parents were from Cuba, where plantains (both green and ripe) are cooked (generally fried in oil, baked etc.) and served with rice and beans. Please advise...thanks. Michael Luis

  495. How long does it take to loose weight on The Gracie Diet?

  496. I know you are not supposed to recycle food in a 24 hr span. But does that apply to 1. Coconut water, 2. Carrot juice.

  497. Hi! I saw that a question about my doubt had already been asked before, but I have to question again. Since I started the GD (Set/11), I stopped eating 'Granola' because it's a mix of 5 types of cereal (Group B) with nuts (A). What's Rener is eating in the last video (Açai Superbowl) ?

  498. In Brazil I can't find the 'Almond Butter' used in the recipes of Renergy Sandwich. Here we have a 'Peanut Butter', but there are two types: One delicious, but with a little bit of sugar and honey, and another one pure, but tasteless. My question is if the 'Almond Butter' used has some sugar or its pure? I know its no good use sugar with A Groups, but do you have another idea? Thanks a lot!!!

  499. What's your opinion about drinking liquids during solid meals? There's a lot of negative knowledge about that, but in the book there's nothing about. And how about drinking a lot of liquid at the same time (ex.: I drink 1 liter and a half of smoothie each time) ?

  500. Another doubt is about staying long time without food, after hard training/exercises, how does the catabolism (lose muscles) stays? What's your opinion about that?

  501. Do you ever eat nopales (cactus)? I grow them around my house and enjoy eating them. Where they fit in the Gracie Diet?

  502. Hi, what is the better option for my blog, becoming an affiliate or a wholesaler for the diet book? As far as profit to me ? Thank you.

  503. Rorion, a banana quando frita ou cozida, passa para o grupo A (inclusive podendo ser ingerida com um dos ítens do grupo B)? ou combina com o grupo A. Obrigado,

  504. Where do tortillas fit in? Corn tortillas, flour tortillas, wheat tortillas? What about other foods made from tortillas and corn masa? Tamales, tostadas, sopes, tortilla shells, gorditas, tortilla chips, pupusas, arepas, etc.? What would be the best oil to use to cook the masa (we usually use lard)? Thank you

  505. What blender would you guys recommend getting in order to use

  506. hi, i understand blueberries are group d and must be consumed on its own. but could they be consumed with coconut water as it is neautral? many thanks

  507. Olá Em quanto tempo vamos ter o livro em português ? Se é que já não tem, procurei mas não achei. Obrigado Fernando

  508. Hi, I have just purchased the Gracie combatatives DVDs. However at 43 years old I have put on a few pounds and weigh 245ibs at 5ft 11 1/2in. Will following your diet and training for the combatatives alone be enough training for me to tone up my ideal weight of 196 lbs? Or would you recommend extra training? Best regards, Simon

  509. Hi, Is there a need or a way to know the quantities . Do you ever measure or count how many or do you let your appetite guide you? 2 oranges versus 5 oranges, one egg or 3 eggs etc.... thanks a lot!

  510. Not a question but instead wanted to share a modification to the Renergy Sandwich, which is fantastic by the way. I was out of bread so I used bite sized multigrain crackers instead, a little almond butter, topped with homeade tarragon/vinegar kale chips topped with a small piece of avocado. It looked so beautiful I took a picture which I would gladly share. Will make a nice appetizer for gatherings as I can share tibits of the Gracie Diet.

  511. I see some diets like Paleo encourage Beef Liver from time to time. Are "organs" part of the Gracie Diet (group A perhaps)? And What nutritional value does it provide? Thanks! Kent Maichle Appleton, WI Gracie Blue Belt/ 4 stripe Gracie Diet White Belt :)

  512. Is quinoa in group A or B? It is a seed related to the beets, spinach and swiss chard family. Thank you

  513. "Merci beaucoup". Once again thank you so much for bringing to people your knowledge and diet. Can you let us know what about pitaya (dragon fruit) group is, pls? C or D?

  514. Hello Grand master!! This is Dmitry from Russia. When you will put my foto on the web sit?

  515. Do ripened bananas combine with group B? I see a lot of people make acai bowls with banana and granola..

  516. Hi my name is Silvana Agoglia and i am form miami. My husband practice jiu jitsu and he is a blue belt and we gonna be in California from june 15 to june 18, so I will like to know how much it is to get a private lesson with Rorion gracie or rener gracie, I will definitely looking forward to get this for my hubby gor father's day.

  517. Senor Rorion I am confused about cocoa and cacao. If its in the bean form is it group B? But I found some in a powdered form pure with nothing else inside it. But the chart says cocoa is Group A; I was wanting to try to the "SUPERBOWL" but wanted to get my ingredients correct. Also I did not see granola in the chart but I am pretty sure it is group B. I know all the fruits are C but how does the Cocoa stated above group and granola? Thanks a bunch.

  518. Hi, I read the book now, and I was wondering... According to the table of foods, cottage cheese is in group C, together with sweet fruits, but then it says that curdled dairy products should be eaten alone.Isn't cottage cheese considered as curdled dairy product? And if not, then why yougurt does? What`s the difference? Thank you very much for your time.

  519. Is honey healthy? Do the Gracie's eat honey? Thank you.

  520. Hello!! Do You almost everyday have fruits for dinner? and can you please tell me if brown rice (whole grain)is better than white rice? Thankyou

  521. What is your opinion of ''Spriulina''

  522. Is the champion juicer available on your website the "home" or the "commercial" version? Thanks for your time!

  523. what about mexican food, i mean, chiles, ehh tortillas, i mean, are these acceptable for your diet?

  524. Gracie Diet 100% but coffe with sugar :/ and even if I drink with sugar I really fell good in health but please tell me is it really wrong? With greating from Poland

  525. Hi, do you have recommendations about alcohol? I know that is not good and trying to avoid it, but sometimes I drink beer in the bar. Is there kinds of alcohol that less harmful than other? And if I drink beer, what should I eat at this meal? Is it better to drink with one of meals, for example dinner than beetwen meals? Thank you for your time

  526. Can I have salsa or hot sauce with my tacos and is it ok to put lime or vinnegar with my guacomole?

  527. In what group is lychee fruit? thank you.

  528. Are chewing gums (with no sugar) allowed?

  529. I am trying to go by the Gracie Diet and and I feel great. But today at work one of the employes was telling me how much saturated fat is in coconut. I eat about one a week. How bad is the meat of the coconut for me?

  530. Why melted cheese becomes group A?

  531. Homemade banana ice cream (frozen bananas only) is mentioned as part of a possible meal in your diet, but how about other frozen sorbets (with only frozen fruit), since you're not supposed to eat the pulp?

  532. Hello, My name is Ahmad and I have been following the gracie diet for 3 months now and the results are amazing. In few months the month of Ramadan will begin where I fast from sunrise to sunset. No food or drinks are allowed until sunset. What is recommended to eat before the sun rises and what should I eat to break my fast knowing that I practice jiu jitsu at 7pm. ( the sun sets here at 8:30pm ) thank you for your time.

  533. Can the juice bag be used to make apple juice?

  534. How I can clean of my gracie juice bag? Thanks in advance Carlos

  535. i understand that blueberries are group d, could i blend them then maybe put them through a gracie juice bag, add coconut water as it is neuteral. would that be ok/combine??

  536. what are your thoughts on people that follow the GD half (ex: mix acidic fruits with sweet fruits)

  537. Hi :) I`m eating with all the Gracie Diet tips (4,5h between meals, i dont eat the same food within 24h etc.) and with the Interactive Table because I don`t have the opportunity to buy it (im from poland). My question is: 1. Is it legal -> whole grain bred + fresh mild cheese + honey + tea with sugar? (group C + B) 2. Fruits for breakfast and for dinner a couple pistacios with carrot juice - but I know that i must reverse it becouse it make sense for dinner to eat fruits ;) 3. Make pizza (compatible with the Gracie Diet Table) but to make the pizza cake we must use a little bit of milk and sugar - how can i replace it? and what type of cheese do You prefer? 4. What type of flakes or musli or something else can I combine with the smoothie`s? Thanks Bro

  538. What group are raw sunflower seeds & pumpkins seeds in? I know it's best to avoid spices, but what about herbs (sage, rosemary, mint leaves, oregano, etc? Thank you.


  540. Is nutritional yeast also considered a neutral food just like brewer's yeast?

  541. Gostaria de saber se há previsão para lançar o livro em versão da língua portuguesa?

  542. if i cook the bananas, can i eat them with whole grain wheat bread?

  543. is coconut milk good

  544. The GD says thats best always have fruits for dinner! But how about acid fruits? Keep them on dinner as well? Or its good to change sometimes? (ex.: Breakfast: acid or sweet)

  545. are oatmeal cereal good and since milk is not advocated in the gracie diet,how do you have oatmeal without milk

  546. I saw a old brazilian magazine with Rickson in The main repport, but what Grab my attention was a the description of Rickson's GD: 06 meals a day! Its this correct or it was a Big midia mistake? Your family make only 03 or 04 meals a day, even when trains harder? Or its more Than this?

  547. Are mixed berry (strawberry, bluberry, blackberry) bags ok to eat together in smoothies? There is a picture of Renzo buying one in the store and I thought acidic fruits don't combine?

  548. Helo... My question is about "my version" of Renergy Sandwich, is it legal? Ingredients: - whole grain bred, spinach, Lettuce, red onion, radish, cucumber and cooked eggs? Thanks for this healthy style of life :)

  549. Hello! Just a question about the smoothies. I love having the smoothies at least one meal a day, but I'm worried that by having all that fruit and all those calories, I'm going to gain weight. A regular apple banna smoothie would have 6 apples and 4 bannas just for myself. Is that to many calories in one meal just on friut? I'm a very active person and train 5 days a week 2-3 hours a day. Is to possible to put to many fruits in the smoothie?? Thank you very much! GJJ Blue Belt Ty M.

  550. Hello my name is Jamie I've JUST started the Gracie diet I know that peanuts are a group A food but what about peanut butter ? Wheres it go on the diet?

  551. Are spices like: 1. thyme 2. rosemary 3. marjoram in group A?

  552. Isn't too dangerous to eat egg yolk? Thanks!

  553. I am 5'10, 135 lbs and am required to eat 3,317 calories a day to gain weight due to my exercise plan. I was wondering how I could contribute the gracie diet while getting enough calories. I also have gastric reflux if that changes anything. Thank You

  554. If red apples combines with 'Group A', can I make apple juice for lunch, right? Regards!

  555. i was wondering what i could do at work because i only have 30 minutes to eat lunch and find i am rushed. also im off work at 6pm and only have 30 minutes to eat supper unless I wait till 10pm. should I wait or eat at 6? what category is the dragon fruit in? sorry for all the question. Jon Kelly

  556. I have been following the diet with good results. Thank you, but why do we not combine 2 starches? What is the reason behind that. Obrigado.

  557. I have started to read the book, and I am going to start with the phases and ween myself slowly. (7:00am)Today I had 4 hard boild eggs, 2 cups blk coffee, 4 cups water, and will eat again around 1230p. Not sure what for lunch, due to what I have here limits me at work. lol Green beans (fresh) that was cooked with ham and potatos and 2 grilled hamburger patties. Any suggestions when stuck like this??

  558. why cant you eat pork on the gracie diet?

  559. What if you are getting ready for a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament, what would you recomend to eat for breakfest,lunch and,dinner?

  560. The Kale Munchies for the renergey sandwitch are disconinued! Do you guys have any suggestions!?

  561. Hello, Don't Gracies suggest a glass of water prior to bed? Won't this interfere with sleep? How much water is suggested and also upon arising? Should it be cold or what temperature should the water be? Thanks, Craig

  562. A. What is the key to recognize if we eat proper. What is the mindset behind te food groups.. How can I exam by myself if for ex. if I eat right. What is the difference between eating bananas with sweet fruit and eating bananas with honey (we know thats wrong) but how can i by myself learn to recognize if it was a good meal or went something wrong. What was the mindset of Carlos Gracie to recognize that there are major difference between combine'ing various of foods? For ex. if I eat right I feel good, if I combine something that doesn't combine I still feel fine etc. How can I by myself recognize this fact? B. Is it OK to combine eggs, flour and milk to cook a omelet? Does combine cooked milk with group A? If not - what is Your recipe for omelet? C. Is it OK to do the Gracie Diet for 5-6 day a week and 1-2 day eat foods that we like and combine'ing everything what we want? - eating like before the GD? but keeping the 4,5h period :) Thanks for all. Greatings from Poland

  563. My mom Made this chicken the other night and it has simmered mandarin oranges with in the soy sauce and chiken broth is this allowed

  564. In your book it says you have a meal of bananas, my question is isnt banana the fruit that makes people fat? I read online something about that but i wasnt sure since i dont know much about nutrition and i always thought fruits were healthy when losing weight

  565. Page 61 says "pasta and the bread are both made out of wheat". Would eating bread and pasta together be combining two of group B? Thank You in advance,

  566. Could you guys share where Rener got his one cereal granola?

  567. Hi, I'm Sixteen and I follow the Diet as much as I can but sometimes find myself veering off. What are some ways I can be sure I do not do this? I DO surround myself with good food at home but my mother has to buy food for my other family members that are not on the diet. So It can be tough at times to stick with it. Much thanks! -Ryan

  568. Senor Rorion I think you answered this a while back sorry for the double question; but if Tofu Group B?

  569. 2 part question: are breads & wraps that are multi-grain (oat & whole wheat together) considered just 1 starch? And is coffee still considered neutral if there's cream (no sweeteners or sugar) in it? Thanks again! Almost 30 days on GD & feelin Awesome.

  570. can i have different food groups throughout the day? or the same all day?

  571. What cereals do you recommend and are Grape Nuts acceptable?

  572. could you guys please give me a sample of what you would eat in a typical day? I am considering buying your book and trying it out. I have already started juicing and eating raw vegetables and have been feeling great. thanks!

  573. Is Ryron's vegetable smoothie and good choice of dinner or lunch for a person who is a vegetarian? If not, can you please tell us a good vegetarian meal?

  574. What food group does aloe vera fall under. I'm trying to figure out which food group I can combine it with. (Lily of the desert- aloe vera gel) Thank You Very Much!

  575. (1) Tomatoes are a Group A food, but, in a previous question you mentioned that we should only eat tomatoes if cooked. I typically eat fresh arugula or spinach with raw tomatoes and a little olive oil. Can I continue eating salads like this? (2) Is it correct that, once a cheese has been melted, it is automatically considered a fat, and, therefore, part of Group A?

  576. is soy milk ok?

  577. Is this ok to have on the diet and I want to lose some weight but still have energy to train. Juice: Papaya, watermelon juice, 2 tablespoons cream cheese, tbl spoon honey. Also had, palmful of mixed nuts unsalted. Thank you!

  578. I work at night part time our shifts are anywhere from 3,5 to 5 hrs long. My point is sometimes I can go 6 hrs without eating how can the Gracie diet fit with my work schedule as far as eating times?..

  579. Have the juicer, and it is so much more efficient than my old juicer. Thanks for that great recommendation! In your videos, you all peel and cut the ends off the carrots and other veggies. I only buy organic so after washing thoroughly is peeling as necessary? I hate to waste any bit of goodness. Thank you for all the amazing advice and support. It was an honor meeting (And training with) your family in Florida. Love Always, Sara

  580. Primeiramente gostaria de parabeniza-lo pelo livro. A família Gracie enche o povo brasileiro de orgulho. A minha pergunta é se a dieta Gracie, na sua opinião é adequada para curar doença do refluxo laringo-faríngeo. Fui em um médico e ele disse que devo comer de 3 em 3 horas. O que você acha disso? Obrigado

  581. Hello Mr. Rorion this is John Katayama and I attend the gracie academy and I would like to ask you a question. I have a baby daughter named Kira thats 5 months and almost a week we have been feeding her smashed banana for about 3 days now. I'd like to ask what vegetables to mix cause i do have a vitamix and would like to feed her vegetables too, also I would like to know when to feed watermelon cantaloupe and also coconut water as well. Can you please help

  582. Hello Sir, I am interested in buying the champion juicer but I will be juicing vegetables as well. If I had to choose between the breville and the champion juicer to use for fruits, vegetables and for gracie diet recipes, which one would be best. Thank you

  583. Greetings from Iceland I have been following the Gracie Diet for about 4-5 months now and I have seen and felt so much difference in my life and I have lost about 17lbs and I now have so much more energy to work out :) A lot of people are asking me what I'm doing and I keep telling people about the Gracie diet, put people don't go to your web-side.. so I was thinking about buying your book in like 10 or 20 copies of your book can we do some discount on my order?

  584. With your coconut water, tea and smoothies, do you have to eat them with meals or can you have them in between meals? Or is water the only thing you can have between meals?

  585. hey, is the Champion juicer good for juicing vegatables? or just fruits?

  586. I need some clarity please about bananas. On page 52 of the book bananas are listed in Group C if they are dried, baked, or cooked. They are also listed in Group E on the next page as raw (I get this). On page 91 of the book (the last bullet) it says they can be combined with GroupA & 1 of Group B if cooked or fried, but they are not listed that way on the chart itself. I would love a grilled peanut butter & fried banana this okay?

  587. What Food Group does Soy Sauce fall under?

  588. Why can't I eat spices?

  589. i would like to buy this book (incl the chart), but i live in the Netherlands (Europe). when i check out i see that shipping costs about $ 31,-. Is that correct? if not what would it cost me and how do i order?

  590. I saw the video of Master Rorion eating 18 oranges and I was wondering if that would work for lunch as well, because I'm in high school, and a meal of oranges would be easy to do during lunch at school

  591. Ola! Tudo bem? Meu nome é Victor Reis, sou fã da familia Gracie em vários aspectos. Após comprar o livro, comecei com essa incrível dieta e tenho duas"2" perguntas:, Quantas frutas, "ingredientes" posso misturar do grupo A e ou do Grupo C, separadamente, por exemplo. Posso misturar oito "8" ingredientes do grupo A entre si? 2: A banana crua, eu posso misturar com mais de um ingrediente do grupo C, por exemplo: Mel de Abelha + Mamão + caqui + melancia + banana crua? Muito Obrigado e sucesso sempre.

  592. Where does nutritional yeast fit in with food combining? Would it be considered part of Group A? What foods should it not be combined with?

  593. I know the gracie diet requires lots of fruits and veggies, however, doesnt that count as high carb diet? I Know bananas, and fruits are healthy but isnt too much high carb ?

  594. Hi! I just finished the book and loved it! Thank you so much for it! I have a few questions: 1- Is it ok to drink coconut water between meals? 2- Which group does hemp seed goes? 3- Which group does chia seed goes? I think that's it for now! God bless the Gracie family :) Aloha!

  595. Hi again! I have few more questions! 1. Which group raw cacao is? 2. Which group flaxseed is? 3. How do I know if a tea is neutral? 4. Can I drink tea between meals if it is neutral? 5. I already fast once a week but I drink water, is it ok to keep doing it? Thanks a lot one more time! God bless the Gracie family! Aloha :)

  596. Me again, sorry! I'm doing my best to make it right! Few more questions! 1) If raw Cacao is group A how Rener put it in his Açai? I'm confused about it! 2) Banana is grop E so it does combine with Açai, right? Thanks again, God bless you!

  597. I have intolerance to lactose, so I dont eat cheese, milk, or any dairy product. I usually use soy milk and tofu , how do I match these ? Do you have any sugestions ?

  598. what group does the rice,almond milk fit into? it is ok to drink em or i should stop?

  599. Me again! Sorry for asking so many questions! I'm vegan and I've been eating healthy for a long time now but the GD really changed my life by teaching me how to combine foods and to wait at least 4 1/2 hours between meals. Both really challenging for me, but as you say a lot in the book, each meal is a chance to practice self-control and discipline :) My question today is about aloe vera gel/juice! What group does it fit into? Is it neutral? Can I take it between meals? Thanks a lot one more time for everything! God bless the Gracie family! Aloha

  600. hello mestre rorion which smoothies would you recommend?

  601. How is it that condensed milk, sugar, cooked bananas, and eggs combine in any way on the Gracie Diet. I want to make the banana pie recipe for a special occasion but cannot figure out how they properly combine. Please help. Thank you

  602. In the book, there is a recipe to prepare strogonoff with cream cheese, group C (in portuguese: "requeijão cremoso") and chicken, classified in group A. To my mind, it's a violation, because A and C don't go well. Am I correct?

  603. Hello sir. I have a quick question. I attend the Gracie academy and i would like to know where you guys got the refridgerator for the coconut water cause I would like to get one myself. Thanks

  604. Estimado Rorion, Comprei seu livro e tenho uma pequena dúvida. Em qual grupo se encaixa a gelatina? Você recomenda o consumo? Se não, qual o alimento que pode substituí-lo (que contenha colágeno)? Obrigado, Marcos

  605. Hi I am new to food combining but I have been reading many sites about the benefits of this diet for people with depression. I am very excited to try this approach and see if I get some good results for the weight gain that has occurred due to antidepressants. My question is with the inconsistancy I am reading on different sites. Some have cheese, milk, eggs and nuts as a "Protein." While others have (like your self) have cheeses in a non protein category. Can you explain?? Thank you

  606. Is brown sugar part of group c under sugar in general?

  607. Ola, Sou brasileira, meu nome é Bruna, se preferirem que eu escreva em ingles posso escrever tb. Eu e meu marido estamos adeptos à dieta a mais de 4 meses, sem duvidas de que está sendo 100% para os dois, eu particularmente me alimento hoje em dia mais de frutas do que de comida comum ( comida mesmo como somente ao meio dia) e estou adorando, lógico que eu ja comia muitas frutas anteriormente à dieta, então me adaptei muito facil. Logo que damos uma escapadinha na dieta, como um churrasco com os amigos , uma cervejinha.. me sinto extremamente envenenada (essa é a palavra correta) azia, sensação ruim, pois realmente não sabia como poderia me sentir tão bem e com energia.. Logo eu ,que sempre tive problemas estomacais, infeccão intestinal, sentia dor no estomago por fome. Enfim, deixando de contar as coisas maravilhosas que a dieta tem nos feito.... gostaria de perguntar uma coisa...... Sobre os shakes da herbalife (digo dessa marca, pois no brasil é a melhor no ramo), o que vcs acham sobre ele? se ele realmente tem proteinas e vitaminas que substituem bem os alimentos...? sbstituindo por uma refeição.... pois já que no café e janta eu como frutas... vcs acham que sera ruim tomar um shake de vez enquando ou qual a ideia de vcs sobre isso... Muito Grata.

  608. i have emphysema, chirossis of the liver well to be honest ever since i started to diet it has felt better and i have severe water retention i have to get a hernia operation which consist of a 9 inch incision between my cleavage and belly button so far my diet consist of oats in the morning and or 4 egg whites with one reg egg and some cheese and turkey or chicken and veggies with onions and salad for lunch and or mr pita chicken or salad and for dinner eaither a salad with the works or if the little lady cooked a steak and green beans ill eat that no sauce i drink no milk and i drink tons of water and maybe 1 bottle a day of propel zero cal also im 6,3 and 290 pounds and i dropped 10 pounds in 1 week any advice im open :)

  609. How long will it take to ship my book?

  610. Hi, First of all I want to say I really like this diet. I noticed I am more energetic , focused and my conditioning has never been this could. It is almost like cheating... I had one question though. When I eat cheeses should I go lowfat, or fatfree? Does this matter? Another thing is most fresh cheeses seem salty is this okay? 1 ounce of feta has about 400mg of sodium I believe which seems a bit high if I have a few ounces with bread and fruits. Thanks for sharing this diet with the world.. It is a gift. Tnx.

  611. Do I need to eat six times a day? What would you recommend to eat

  612. posso misturar a bana com polpa de acai??

  613. Why no pork.

  614. Hello Mr Rorion, got your book and its great! Thank you What do you recomend for hypothyroidism , cause I know i should not eat some kind of food but i would apreciate your opinion

  615. Two Questions: 1. Are mixed dry beans okay, or just one type of dried beans? 2. Is peanut butter and baked bananas okay together?

  616. Bom DIa. I read here that plantain belongs to group A. Quite surprising, I thougth plantain was carb and would have pt it in group B. Abraços. Thomas

  617. What would Aloe Vera juice be considered? Thank you

  618. Very efficiently written information. It will be helpful to everyone who usess it, including me. Keep doing what you are doing - can'r wait to read more posts. [url=]coco chanel[/url] coco chanel

  619. Gosto muito de comer hamburguer, pizza, batata frita quando saio com minha namorada. porém decidi entrar na dieta gracie. Posso continuar comendo hamburguer? e a respeito de molhos, quais podem entrar na dieta? comprarei o livro em breve, lá contém todas informações?

  620. Hello! I would like you to answer me a couple of questions that I don't know about the Diet: 1.- In the Food Groups description, green apples are in Group D and red apples are in Group C, but as sub-acidic fruit so they shouldn't be eaten with grapes (as they're sub-acidic too). What about golden (yellow) apples? Are they sweet enough for not being sub-acidic? 2.- How long do you wait for training jiu-jitsu after eating? Thanks a lot!

  621. what would you eat before a 5:30 AM workout? Or would you wait until afterwards and then eat breakfast ? Thanks

  622. Hi Guys! What category would Coconut Flour fit into? A ?? Thanks :)

  623. Hello everyone! Im a JJ fighter, 28 years old, 80 kg, 10% bf and following GD for 13 months. I've always been very healthy, so I had no difficulty in accepting the GD. However I feel very weak, tired and sleep all the time. I do 4 meals, respecting all ranges and combinations, and in considerable quantities. I'm doing something wrong? Already tried to go back to my old diet, but I get so ussed to GD that my body feel bad, using short time between meals. Thanks.

  624. Fala Rorion, td bem? Meu nome é Eric Leal e eu sou do RJ. Eu sempre fui fã e praticante do jiu jitsu...mas a minha dificuldade sempre foi ganhar peso... Eu comprei o livro mas...fiquei na dúvida se seguindo a dieta do livro eu conseguiria ganhar peso cortando a mania de comer mais de uma amido na mesma refeicao...ja q arroz e feijao faz parte da cultura brasileira neh... Como faço p seguir a dieta e conseguir ganhar peso? Ou a dieta não é p ganho de peso? Um abraco mestre! sucesso.

  625. How does Red Wine fits in to GD?

  626. Master Gracie, you mention in your book that your Uncle Carlos studied a great number of texts and other resources to develop the diet. Would you be willing to provide a small bibliography or some book titles for others to learn more about the origins of the diet? I'm a big fan of the diet, and I want to better understand how it works.

  627. Mestre Rorion! Once again, thank you! My question is the following: What are your thoughts on deep fried food (ex. chicken, potatos, breaded shrimp/fish/chicken, etc)? Are they OK as long we watch the combinations? Or should we avoid them?

  628. What group would Coconut milk fall in? Also what do you suggest for a post workout meal?

  629. I am a professional stand up paddle racer and surfer. I have also been told I am allergic to dairy. I am reading your book and want to try this diet to take my fitness to a new level! Will I be getting enough calories with only 3 meals a day? What should I substitute dairy with? Keep on mind I paddle 50-100+ miles a week and do 3 strength training workouts on top of that.

  630. If I spread my meals every 4 1/2 hrs, when can I do GJJ?

  631. Salt is not included in any group, is it ok to use it?

  632. I know you eat mostly C and A meals but I notice by looking at the 14 day meal plan that there are meals from D E and F. So when do you usually decide to eat from these groups... just every once in awhile? Because it doesn't seem like very often

  633. sorry to bother you, but i have a burning question. Does the Gracie Diet allow to to repeat a starch in two day? for exemple, if i eat potatoes for lunch today could i potatoes for lunch tomorrow? and one last thing, when should be my last meal of the day? thank you -Victor

  634. Hello I am from UK and the Gracie diet seems to not be known here I am interested in finding out if the diet would help me as I have IBS with mostly diarrhoea symptoms I weigh 120 lbs so I am not looking to lose weight I developed IBS about 5 years ago after I had a Gall Bladder removal and have not felt 100% well since then Thank you for any help Bronda Parsons

  635. Sorry, about the Group B... what is actually the problem about combining different Group B foods? Is it OK to eat bread and pasta (those are Group B and made by the "same kind" of ingredient... cereals) within the same meal? Thank you

  636. No sauces of any kind correct? What is reason for this

  637. Where do maple syrup fits?Thank you.

  638. Are the 'Gala' variety apples considered sweet? Thank you.

  639. You said that the main reason for the no-pork-rule is that several years ago pork used to carry the virus of trichinosis... have you ever thought that maybe todays porks do not carry the virus and it could be as healthy as eating chicken? Or there is some other reason behind this fact? I live in Spain and, maybe you know that, pork meat is present in a really lot of dishes. Even though, since I started with the Diet (getting used to... I couldn't match all the rules since the first very moment) I stopped eating pork. But that question has been for several weeks in my mind. Thank you, Master Rorion.

  640. I lift weights about 4-5 times a week and have a scoop of protein mixed with water after to be sure that my body is getting enough protein after each workout. Is this okay? I haven't seen anything about post workout nutrition specifically with protein powders.

  641. I have seen past videos Rorion mention sourdough bread. My question is ; which bread would you recommend with a group c meal? I normally use 100% whole wheat or honey wheat. Toasting neither of the two.

  642. What do you think of eating meat and seafood raw (from a fresh, local source), so as not to alter the enzymes from their natural form?

  643. May I eat dried bananas with group A and B meals?Thank you.

  644. Can you please tell me the best blender to use for large portion smoothies? Thanks very much!

  645. Olá, Estou seguindo a dieta Gracie há 1 semana, e entendi todas as regras, mas me surgiu uma dúvida: O molho de tomate pode ser considerado como tomate cozido (Grupo A)? Obrigado

  646. I see that this diet does not include the noni plant. I was wondering what group that would fall under? Also, does this diet follow rules as the blood type diet does?

  647. after eating a meal, how long should I waite before I can train again?

  648. Hi Grand Master My question is: Can i combine avocado (Group A) with sweet fruits (Group C)? Thanks

  649. Grandmaster Rorion, I have read the book. Studied it really. I feel confident about the combinations and distinctions. However, I am confused about when to eat A vs C meals and or when to vary the alternative groups. What I am asking is do you eat an A meal and a C meal every day? I suspect this is obvious to many but one could interpret the following. Is it advisable to eat 3 A's or 3 C's. in a day etc. Do you have a guideline. I will read the book a second time but your thoughts - opinion would be greatly Appreciated. Sincerely, Philip C. MD,

  650. meal plans per week?

  651. I am lactose intolerant to a very high degree. For some of the sample meals presented is says to combine it with crackers and smoothies. I was hoping you could provide alternate solutions for a type of spread to put on crackers as well as a substitute for the smoothie recipes. Thank you.

  652. Olá Grande Mestre. Minha dúvida: de uma forma geral, quais frutas é melhor tirar o bagaço, e quais frutas podem ser consumidas ou batidas com casca?

  653. Mr. Gracie, I'm trying to get back into competition and I was wondering if the Gracie Diet is good for someone who would like to walk around at 205 or 210, but cut to 185 to fight, if so, do you have any pointers on how I can do that and stay healthy while doing it? Sincerely, Mike Brooks

  654. Hello , I come frome Poland and in our country very popular are pickled cucumber. We have 2 different cucumber undet the name. one are with vinegar -- and these probably are not allowed in you diet but second are : that how it translate google translate: pile of pickled, pickled cucumbers - a well-known food product in Central and Eastern Europe. Arises from complex cucumbers in a barrel or jar with the stems and baldachów fennel, horseradish root, garlic cloves flooded with salt water, which are ensiled. For pickling cucumbers can add spices: bay leaves, mustard seeds, white or black pepper. Sometimes added to the pickling cucumbers, cherry leaves, black currant, grape or oak. Pickled cucumbers are used as snacks to many dishes. They are the product supplied to dinner in addition to potatoes, in salads or sandwiches. Sometimes they are used as an appetizer with vodka and herring in oil with onions. They are an essential component of cucumber soup. Pickled cucumbers for a few days małosolne cucumbers, and for a long time - pickles. In Western Europe, the popular notion is false that pickle is rotten, and its production is to accelerate this process [

  655. i just read my copy of the gracie diet and was wondering about turkey and where it falls in the scheme of things? do i just put it with chicken and go from there or not eat it at all, like pork?

  656. Hello, maybe now will be some scientific proof...for your diet and huge work which done your precursor..

  657. I have a question about juicing. I am in the navy and not able to juice before every meal. I wanted to know about freezing and how long juice will last in the refrigerator?

  658. Hello , one ingredient of the lunch salad is beats.. what is it the beats? do you have some link to look at?

  659. I call it the Elvis Gracie sandwich : Whole wheat toast+penut butter+banana+honey or modjul dates+cottage cheese Now the question: is it Gracie certified?

  660. After read the book, i still have some doubts, Can you guys tell me good tips ( recipies to eat), for the after workout ? What's better to recover our muscles after jiujitsu class, and after a wheight lift? Thanks

  661. Why is melted cheese not in the interactive gracie diet grouping online? I read in the Gracie Diet book version that melted cheese was in group A. Seems to be a disconnect, please clarify. Thank you.


  663. Hi, in the question 52 "In an effort to remove sugar from my diet i have used a natural sweetner called stevia. Any advice on it." your answer is about an artificial swettener but (at least in México) I can find stevia in its natural form, dried for tea and its very sweet. How it works, Neutral (herb tea) or like sugar? Can I sweet Cocoa, Coffee, Fruits with stevia tea?

  664. Can a diabetic start the gracie diet...

  665. I understand that some fruits like banana (Group E) and tomato (Group D) fall in Group A when cooked, right ? Is that true for all other acidic fruits ? Or every sweet fruits and cheese ? Thanks a lot !

  666. I have question about food groups? On what base Carlos allocated paticular food to paticular group? Was it based only on his observations? If yes, maybe it is not sufficient method. Should be scientific proof and then Gracie diet could be apply for eveybody. Best regads.

  667. What group would Psyllium Husk Powder fall into? Thanks!

  668. Is horseradish allowed ? Like a creamy horseradish sauce containing fresh grated horseradish?

  669. The Gracie Diet book is amazing, I have learned so much. I noticed that sweet tomatoes fall under Group A. The problem is that I don't know which tomatoes are sweet and which are acidic. Can you give me some examples of sweet and acidic tomatoes?

  670. I read in "The Gracie Diet" to only drink water, coconut water, etc. Is green tea acceptable

  671. My husband and I are starting the GD this week, and we are big coffee drinkers. Can we use coconut creamer in our coffee in place of regular creamers? What category would this fall under?

  672. Can you specify as to which teas are considered neutral ?

  673. Why isn't coca cola recommended?

  674. Is drinking V8 acceptable fir the Gracie Diet?

  675. Why should you not eat cinnamon or pepper in the gracie diet?

  676. Mr. Roiron Hello, Love you Book, Thankyou!!.. What if a spread my 2 first meals about 7 or 8 hours? , and if I eat combine fruit as a meal without bread and cheese, am i not going to loose weight ? it has to be just 1 type of fruit as a meal to loose weight? Thankyou a lot!!

  677. my name is Zach ferre and 9 months ago I was overweight and sad depressed very much and really thinking about ending my life becase I have no friends no friends I call family so im all alone but I got to go to a small town in brazil 7 hours north of sao Paulo and changed my life I have been doing jiu jitsu for 8 months and about to receive my blue belt and I m happy the only thing is im about 50 pounds to heavy maybe even 70 I need help with a diet I have a sweet tooth. I love fruit. can you please help become happy spiritual and physically and menatally ready for the journey of life Im despite I have no confindence talking to women no nothing the only thing I do is workout I workout at nght cuz im too embrassed to workout were everyone is there in the busy hours please I really help

  678. Hi, I eat combination-food about a year or 3, read in a book but with this difference, that there is advised not to eat a concentrated starch with a concentrated protein, because it doesn't digest well.... Proteins are only digested in the stomach, starches only in the mouth, that book tells.... I've tested it and it is a big difference in being energetic after eating. I've seen you recommand the combination of protein with starches. How about it ? Thanks, Andy

  679. I train between 5:30 and 7 in the evening Monday thru Friday. How would you recommend I space my three meals? Thank you

  680. Why no pork? This site hasn't adequately answered this question, that is why it keeps coming up.

  681. How can I start GD? tnx

  682. Dear Master Rorion! You got here another GD student, ready to learn waiting to receive the book and the juice bag (along with other nice GA goodies). My question is on Kiwi: I know it does not combine with anything else SO how do you manage to eat only Kiwi and fill you for one entire meal ? Do you just juice a whole bunch? If yes, what is your usual quantity to feel OK? Thank you so much for sharing with us your great way of living a Rappy life! Jerome (French living in Hungary)

  683. how much salt water before a competition and how long before your match?

  684. Hello Gracie Family! I'm starting learning about gracie diet, after buying Rorion Gracie's book, here in brazil! But there's no group that talk about Soy Milk or Coconut milk...Which group those foods are? thank you very much!

  685. If you can't have snacks, when would you eat strawberries that have to be eaten alone? Also, what about eggs?

  686. Does cooking a fruit, such as peaches, lower the acidity, so that it might be combined with another fruit?

  687. Hello! I've started the Gracie Diet and loving it. Are there any foods you recommend to reduce stomach acid / ulcers? foods to avoid? Thank you!

  688. Can you have cheese on hamburger? Thanks

  689. First and foremost, thank you for sharing your knowledge and grace with the entire world. Your devotion to helping others is truly inspiring! My question is in regards to grapes. After reading the Gracie Diet and researching the website I see that the only way to identify whether grapes are acidic or sweet is to taste them. Is there any other indicator? It would be a shame to buy a whole bunch of grapes only to find that they are all acidic. Thank you once again. I am currently doing the Gracie Combatives Course as well as the Gracie Diet. I am also recruiting as many people as possible to join me! Respectfully, Pete

  690. On my magnet I purchased it says the tomato is an acidic fruit and should not be combined with anything else. Does that mean no tomato sauce on pasta and no tomatoes in salad?

  691. Do you suggest a mulitivitamin or fish oils. And what food could substitue for joints rather than taking a pill. I'm all for natural

  692. Can chicken sandwich and mango shake in milk go together

  693. Hello Mr. Gracie, I was just wondering what group yam bean/ jicama fell into. It's a root, but does it fall into group A like carrots or group B like potato? Thank you :).

  694. Hello, First of all thanks to all the Gracie Family for bringing legacy, philosophy and of course Jiu Jitsu, I would like to know about Coffee, Is it allowed in the Gracie Diet? Despite Brazil is famous for making the best coffees in the world, thanks :)

  695. Will going off the Gracie Diet in special occasions like the holidays or if you're invited to eat dinner that doesn't combine affect you in the long run of choosing it as a life style?

  696. I was curious, is it better to have 2 fruit meals a day or 2 meals that contain group A?

  697. When it comes to my fruit and my smoothies, I've noticed in a couple smoothie recipes you combine acidic fruits with other fruits despite their not being able to with one another according to the chart. How can you explain your food combination process to a beginner like me?

  698. Sir where does avocado fall? I thought it was a vegetable but its a I am wondering what group it falls into because I was planning on eating it with my group A meals but its not in group A I can't right?

  699. Hi! My name is Micaela and I just recently started reading about the Gracie Diet. What would be the best way for me to get started on this 'diet'? Thank you!

  700. Can we eat turkey

  701. Hi there, I am very interested on following your diet but I have few question. First, is it ok to drink water during a meal with any of the foods? Second, what about carbonated water? Third, on what list is diet coke part of, assuming that is ok to drink. Thank you for your time!

  702. Hello, FIrst off thank you for sharing your diet with the world. I have your book and wanted to ask a quick question. Is Hemp milk considered milk or is it categorized under a nut? I appreciate your time and response ahead of time. Much love and thanks. Warm regards, Alex

  703. I am just beginning to learn about the Gracie Diet. But Spring is here and we are starting to think about what to plant in our garden. Since space is limited, what vegetables would you suggest we plant? What vegetables do you seem to use the most frequently and greatest amount of?

  704. Olá mestre Rorion, Rener, Ryron, e a todos os Gracie, estou iniciando a dieta Gracie e fiquei curioso em saber mesmo se não é legal mesmo comer carne de porco, pois ouvi há pouco tempo que a carne de porco não é mais um vilão como acreditavam antigamente. Caso não mesmo, existe alguma explicação do porquê não comer carne de porco ? Obrigado pela atenção. Grande abraço. Cesar.

  705. Olá pessoal, novamente uma questão que acho importante perguntar. Eu realmente não suporto comer açaí, já tentei várias vezes e sempre passo mal após comer, acho enjoativo e muito pesado. Qual alimento eu posso considerar como substituto para o açaí ? Eu gostaria muito de saber que existe um alimento que possa substituir o açaí. Grande abraço à família Gracie. Cesar.

  706. Which group would Quorn fall into? I think it is 75% fungus, but might be wrong.

  707. Olá, adorei o livro e já comprei os ingredientes necessários para iniciar a minha Dieta Gracie. Mas gostaria de saber qual o melhor horário para treinar Jiu Jitsu quando seguindo a dieta: Seria antes de uma refeição? Logo após uma refeição? Ou devo fazer o que me sentir melhor?

  708. What group are the cacao nibs in? I though Cacao was group A, so it could not mix with Açai, wich is group C.

  709. Hi, my name is Mario Schoisengeier and I am from Austria. And last week »Alvaro Romano « was here in Vienna to give an amazing »Ginastica Natural« Seminar! :-) Alvaro very strongly recommended the book "Gracie Diet". Now I did received it and I want to thank you for that! I am in the fortunate position to be an Instructor and Representative of Alvaros Ginastica Natural here in Austria. So it was important to me to tell you all that. If it possible, please convey my greetings to the Gracie family.

  710. Is cream cheese considered group A when melted also or is that other cheeses that are usually used for like sandwiches

  711. Sir can we have chicken flavoring? Like the cubes?

  712. Do you recommend any before or after workout meals? Anything specific to prep for a long training session? Anything after to help with recovery? Thank you

  713. Hi guys, Didier from France here, purple belt and follower of the Gracie Diet. Being 36 and feeling some of the young guns are getting a handful, I've really upped my cardio work, cycling anything between 2 and 4 hours a day. There is no way I can keep riding for 4 hours without at least drinking some diluted orange juice, is this acceptable in the Gracie Diet, or is there another way keeping in mind a lot of it is interval work. Thanks

  714. My boyfriend does the Gracie diet and I am 110%, if not more, supportive of him and it. I just want to know if there is like a Gracie approved way of making something sweet...smoothies are good but very common it puts me in a bind because I love to bake and tries to make stuff for him but all I hear is "I'm not allowed". I am not too sure what to make its disappointing me big time..most girls learn to bake but it sucks if you bake and no one eats it..

  715. Thank you for question 'Is it normal that after eating my breakfast smoothie (6 bananas, melon or watermelon juice and cream cheese) l suffer heartburn?Have you heard about any other gracie diet followers?Thank you.' The answer is: No, tell me more, what time do you eat? What was your previous meal and at what time? I use to have breakfast at 8 o'clock in the morning. I think that the reflux it can be due to the high quantity of smoothie,almost 2 liters,which leave me quite full. But I see that Rene drinks quite big smoothies as well so....Thank you again!

  716. how do i tell the difference between an acidic fruit and a sweet fruit?

  717. Are the frozen packets of Acai better than a powder form?

  718. Hello Rorian, I currently a Gracie Jiu Jitsu practioner and currently studying the Gracie Combatives. Absolutely great material. My question is why is it recommended in the Gracie Diet boot to avoid Cinnamon and Black Pepper? Thank you.

  719. I recently achieved my Blue Belt and have made major changes in my diet. I have started the Gracie diet and look forward to seeing results. One question, I am a Police Officer who works day shift and arrive for my shift at 0530, black coffee with no additives is a morning ritual for me. Is this OK or do you suggest I replace it with an early morning smoothie? Joe D. (Authentic BJJ-Castle Rock, Co.

  720. well what i mean to ask is, when it comes to certain types of sweet fruits, like apples and grapes, they're labeled as both sweet and sub acidic, and also as acidic. could you shed light on how to differentiate between these fruits, and explain these differences?

  721. Dear Gracies, I made water melon juice this morning and it was good but I have a small fridge that I can't fit the rest of the melon in can I cut up the rest and put it in Rubbermaid containers and use it through out the week

  722. Does the diet prefer organic produce?

  723. What food group would almond milk be apart of?

  724. It is noted that Master Carlos studied esoteric subjects to aquire the knowledge to build this life style of eating. Can you elaborate on some of the subjects he found knowledge in and more depth of how he encouraged the family to participate?

  725. How do you go about mixing wheat foods with other foods?

  726. Ive bought the book and am now following the 14 day meal plan. Its day 5. I dont have a juicer just a blender. Can I still make juice and spit out the pulp?

  727. Do I have to drink juices and smoothies right away or can I take them to work and drink 2 hours later?

  728. Do you have concerns about GMO's in veggies & fruits? Especially with corn. If so, what do you recommend? If not, why? Thanks

  729. Hello Master Rorion, I was searching on the Internet any references that support the (kind of) "radical" aspects of the Gracie Diet: 3 meals a day, fasting sometimes... My idea is to find scientific support, which I think is very useful in order to help skeptics to try the GD. I found this website that explains those two (among other things): Thank you for your family's art and diet. Kind regards.

  730. Hello, I would like to know if this meal combination is ok since sometimes I don't feel good afterwards. I use to have sometimes for lunch a green salad, baked potatos with some meat and a fried banana on coconut oil with some pure cacao (no sugar) spread on it. Is it right?Thank you.

  731. Hi! Been doing the Gracie diet for about a week now and am so appreciative that I found this. I've had stomach problems for quite some time, not really weight issues, but stomach problems and I feel bettter thank I ever have with that. I do have a question....Vinegar? Mayonnaise? Why not pork? I came across these and they all seem forbidden, however am just curious why? Especially vinegar on salad bc that is one of my more enjoyed things. What about salad dressing ingeneral? Ranch for example. Overall though could not be happier and truly feel that I am helping my body and degestive system. Also began taking Gracie jiu jitsu :)

  732. Mr. Gracie, I'm doing the gnc complete fourteen day body cleanse, it has a diet recommendation, however, I'm trying to get back on the Gracie diet, the recommended is for easy digestion but is it ok to do the Gracie diet for the detox?

  733. Are champagne mangos considered a sweet fruit? I originally thought mangos in general were group c, but I was mistaken. But when I tried a champagne mango it just seemed like it belongs in group C... please get back to me as I am dying for a champagne mango and banana smoothie!!:)

  734. hello, I am 23 y/o... but I look like 16 y/o asian boy... (skinny) I am 5.4 with 110-120 pound.. All my family member are skinny too.. But I have a big bone (body base), for example my palm and my fist is clearly bigger than all my friend that bigger than me. what I lack is muscle... so, what can I do to increased my weight and height (is that possible with my age) without using all that protein shake thing. thanks you...

  735. Is is ok to eat a Renergy sandwich every morning or is the fat content too much?

  736. How soon after you wake up should your first meal be? I space my meals 4.5 hours apart but my last meal is always 6 or more hours before I go to bed. Now I'm always going to be hungry.

  737. In the book on page 64, why does 15b combine? Doesn't Group C chamomile tea conflict with Group A squash?

  738. What would you suggest eating cooked lentils with? I used so go for rice, but I don't think this combines

  739. May I mix cooked apples in a meal with foods of groups A and B?Thank you.

  740. I've been following the Gracie Diet for 8 months, but I have a question about bread. I don't make my own bread, but I look at the ingredients when I want to buy bread at the supermarket and they've always got another starch in them or honey or other ingredients that go against the combination. Do you have any bread brand recommendations.

  741. Mestre Rorion, What about the frequency of meals for toddlers. Many say 3 meals and 2 snacks. Do toddlers need the snacks? Is the meal spacing different for toddlers (3-5 years old) or is it still 4.5 hours? An infant"s feeding would be more frequent, so at what age does this change? What about the frequency of breastfeeding infants? My wife feeds on demand up until 1.5 years. Does a breastfeeding mother need more than 3 meals a day?

  742. Can we give omlet and sapota at a time to kids of age 3 yrs old.

  743. What group does almond milk fall into? In this answer, it says Group A. ( In this one it says Group B - and so not suitable with cereal. (

  744. Is raisin bread also being toasted in the gracie household? Thank you for sharing these life changing diet principles!

  745. I love the watermelon juice - but I find my favorite way to drink it is somewhat cold, especially on a warm day. I usually put the watermelon in the refrigerator prior to juicing it - which is my favorite way of doing it. But if I am low on space to store the watermelon I will add some ice cubes sometimes to the juice. Do you ever add ice to your watermelon juice or is this to be avoided? Thank you for your time. I have been following this way of eating as best I can for the past three months and I am feeling much better.

  746. “A VITÓRIA PERTENCE AO MAIS PERSEVERANTE.. “O SUCESSO É A SOMA DE PEQUENOS ESFORÇOS”... Parabenizo e homenageio por meio deste o ESCRITOR RORION GRACIE e toda a equipe pelo lançamento do livro “A DIETA GRACIE”. Parabéns pelo EXCELENTE TRABALHO, DETERMINAÇÃO E PROFISSIONALISMO, realizado neste belíssimo trabalho e um brinde pelo SUCESSO! O potencial de trabalho de vocês é de grande valor para a comunicação brasileira. Recebam esta singela homenagem com meus sinceros votos de muitas realizações e planos futuros. Desejo nestas poucas palavras votos de muita SABEDORIA, CONHECIMENTO, ENTENDIMENTO e principalmente DISCERNIMENTO em todos os seus caminhos. Acabei de depositar na conta de vocês a importância de muitos DIAS, SEMANAS, MESES E ANOS DE FELICIDADE E PROSPERIDADE, SAÚDE, PAZ, AMOR e que Deus estenda às mãos sobre vocês e toda sua família e acrescente 100 por cento de juros em cima de tudo isso. “A MAIOR RECOMPENSA PELO TRABALHO NÃO É O QUE A PESSOA GANHA, MAS O QUE ELA TORNA- SE ATRAVÉS DELE.” DESEJO SUCESSO A TODOS! PAULINHO Solução Salto/SP

  747. why avoid peppers and cinnamon?

  748. I'm wheat and gluten intolerant, what can I use as alternatives to bread? Thanks

  749. Can cheese also be considerd group A?

  750. Mestre Rorion, once again thank you for sharing your family's diet! I have just introduced my seven month old nephew to coconut water (the natural kind, not packed) and he absolutely loves it! He has been drinking 4 to 6 ounces every day! So, the question I have is how often can he drink it (everyday?) and how much each time. Thank you!

  751. Why do you say peppers are bad for you?

  752. The 80/10/10 diet is becoming very popular these days, part of the diet includes "mono meals " of fruit like bananas or grapes. How many of your three meals a day would you consider eating just one food? Thank you

  753. Aren't Acai berries closely related to blueberries in their content? Why is it that they are in different groups? Please advise.

  754. What group does buckwheat fit into? What group does arrowroot fit into?

  755. would doing chin and pull ups good to do? I always hurt my self with free weighs or machines or just do sit ups and push up? stephen

  756. my wife and I have been following the GD since August-we love it-now off to whole foods to get some acai bricks to make the acai bowl seen on you tube-your son has a lot of energy

  757. I know not to have the same foods within 24 hours of each other...I just did something without thinking...I ended up having to have 2 A meals both with cheese, but they wereb2 different does that count as me having the same food more than once in 24 hours or no since they were 2 different types of cheese?

  758. What kind of meals or when in day could i eat if i whant to get ripped and if train 2or 3 hours in the afternoon, 5 to 7 or 8 is it better to take the fruit meal in the breakfast or in the dinner if i want to get ripped

  759. I would like to know if I follow the Gracie Diet, besides being lot more healthy, is it able to earn weight? And if I get hungry between the meals, cause I have a fast metabolism, can I eat something? And how about protein shakes? Are they allowed somehow?? As I said, I would like to earn weight to get stronger for bjj competitions

  760. I want too do the diet really bad I think it will be fun and a good experience too eat like a Gracie. I have too save up my money too buy a GI bag. My Bag I use for school is just too small for what I carry too class. That's why I cant buy the book. I was wondering if maybe you could give me some good tips on what too buy at the Grocery Store and some good tips on how too keep the Diet going and not giving up on it because I soon one day want to become A name that is well known. I'm 15 and all I do is Train and go too school. I just want some Help from somebody who actually does or knows more about it. I know this is a lot and i am sorry. I just want to become the best and the first step is too ask questions! I Thank you personally for reading this! (:

  761. does the Gracie family lift weights with their BJJ Training?

  762. In the question below, there are some inconsistencies but the answer is that it is "100% ok". Is this answer about the smoothie combination or the vegan protein powder? Bananas + honey? coconut milk and group C? Thank you! "I just made a breakfast smoothie that strayed a little bit but wanted to see how bad: Frozen Banana Acai Cream Cheese Coconut Milk Honey Vega Protein Powder ( which you mention not to take but just wondering if there are any new developments in that or anything else since the book’s been published) A: It is 100% OK."

  763. My brother has ulcerative colitus, which is the inflammation of the large colon and rectum due to stress and the foods that you eat. Will the Gracie diet help his situation?

  764. eu comprei o livro eletronico amazon kindle, e gostaria de imprimir 14 dias meal plan, mas o site nao abre. oque posso fazer. Ellie

  765. Apart from cottage cheese what type of hard cheese would you recommend?

  766. if i want to gain muscle should i eat protien after a workout?

  767. Rorion, thanks for all that you do, I was wondering how much you weigh these days?

  768. since some teas are neutral can I drink them any time?

  769. in the 14 day meal plan,at dinner, the book tells You to juice a varierty of fruits and veggies .can you just eat the fruit with out juiceing it?

  770. is it ok to eat 5 minutes before you go to bed.

  771. Hello My name is Daniel, I'm 26 and I write from Brazil. I am a practitioner of Boxing to 4 years and in March 2013 was weighing 106kg. As my father is a doctor, I started a diet in accordance with his recommendations and increased the burden of physical exercises. Today I weigh 87kg. This week I'm finishing reading the book about the Gracie Diet, because I want to put into practice to lose a few pounds, even beyond my boxing workouts, I'm already enrolled for classes BJJ. However, due to my professional activities do not require my lunch at home and still not completely memorized the table of food groups would like to know: broccoli, potatoes, beets, and a piece of meat is a good combination? Another important question is will make a meal of acidic fruit (pineapple), where the correct amount? thank you Daniel

  772. Hey We are a family living in Norway. Two adults and three kids (10,7,2 years old) We have become fanatics about the Graciediet and started to look at the graciekids. The gracie diet has changed our lifequality in many ways. We are desperatly wanting the champion juicer and the artisan blender and the juicebags and the book. If we pay whatever the shipmentcost is would you be willing to send us the full package? We are not able to get it from here. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are discussing within the family if it possible to become a gracie assosiate regards your products and courses. We are fanatics about health and mental development. We are both certified co-active coaches and working with leadership development and building salesdepartments for companies. The Gracie diet has become our passion and we see how it effect our life and want to tell the world up here in the north. Please let us know what you think. Enthusiastic greetings from Norway Frank Alexander Schulz

  773. Can I eat from group A and B all three meals today?

  774. why can you not eat the same food again within 24 hours?

  775. Grandmaster Rorion, I'm vegan. Even though animal products are used in the Gracie diet. Can the Gracie diet be modified to work for vegans? Thank You, Shane Anderson

  776. The Acai bowl meal, should be only for lunch?

  777. why does group c on the food chart say that thy all combine and then at the bottom it says that thy should not be eaten together.

  778. why does Monday on week 2 have bananas for diner and for breakfast on Tuesday. does that mean that you don't have to Wait 24 Hours and just not eat the same food twice in a breakfast to diner cycle .

  779. do you make your own bread and if so how do you make it.

  780. what are the effects of violating the Gracie diet after you have been on it for awhile?

  781. should I eat protein like cheese, meat, milk, etc. after I workout to gain muscle.

  782. how do you maintain your weight on this diet because I need an average of 2500 calories a day and I just cant get enough calories ??

  783. all sour dough bread that I have seen has at least a little bit of 2 or more other starches .what should I do about that??

  784. Hi I've just read your book and I can't wait to try my new eating plan. I only have one concern: With the fruit we have been educated recently that too much fruit(fructose)can raise your blood sugar levels?Could you please email me with your thoughts as fruit is quite an important part of your book especially for weight loss.thank you Jo

  785. why should you toast the bread before you eat it ?and is it ok to toast it and then put it in the refrigerator to eat later ??

  786. How much honey should be used with fruits

  787. is it ok to eat cheese in the morning (not melted) and then for lunch with it melted ??

  788. question about the neutral drinks...the coffee and coconut water and it like the food where after you have it once in a day you can't have it until 24 hours later...or with drinks can you have the same one at every meal?

  789. can I microwave bread it instead of toasting it??

  790. Hello! I was just wondering how the diet applies to women that are breast feeding? My sister was told to stay away from lactose, legumes and broccoli since it was causing fermentation for her and affecting her baby (she confirmed she had dessert every time). Would it be ok to stay away from these foods while she adapts to the diet and then introduce them slowly? any additional suggestions? Thanks so much! The diet is working great for me and people around me are starting to try it! positive results are contagious! Thanks!

  791. And about salt...if I have two A meals in one day can I have salt both times or is salt like food as well...after I have it once do I have to wait 24 hours before having it again?

  792. Hello, Lemons are alkaline, so why are they in the acidic fruits group? thanks

  793. Does every Gracie family member follow the diet? I was just wondering because in a documentary on Rickson Gracie called "Choke" he snacks in between meals. He eats a banana during the tournament. Also, is there any news regarding new experiments with the diet? Are scientists studying why one fruit meals help lose weight? I know the diet works, but don't know what's actually going on in my body when I eat food?

  794. when you say that you should wait 24 hours before you eat the same food again. does that mean that if u have wheat toast and a egg for breakfast that you can not eat pizza( wheat , tomato and melted cheese) for dinner or lunch .or does the 24 hour rule mean that you can not have the same meal for breakfast and lunch.

  795. I know that fresh juice is the best, but if I want juice for lunch I have to juice ahead because I don't have a juicer at work. Is it okay to make juice ahead of time, and if so how should it be stored? Thanks.

  796. In Rener's Acai Superbowl he put Cacao in his Group C meal. Is there an exception to the rule here? Or did he overlook that Cacao is Group A?

  797. Senor Rorion I am trying a dump cake recipe but I am having issues with the fruit one: here goes the group A one is fine I think: Pumpkin, Cream Cheese, Cake Mix, and Butter, and nuts. Bananas(optional) (Avocado for butter subs) The group C I just cannot figure it out, Apples/pears, honey, cream cheese, cake mix..........bananas (Optional) Butter is needed for the mix to cook I guess; what do you suggest for butter since butter is not group c? I know you will probably say do not eat this on regular basis but I am trying to take old recipes from the past and Gracie Diet them up.


  799. Hi. Any harm in mixing different types of legumes, such as three bean soup? Thank you!

  800. I practice tennis for more than 7 years, almost every day. For example, I will have an important match in a national tournament. But, when I play in warmer weathers about 40ºC. I guess i need to bring food and water to the court, to keep hydrate along the tennis match. My question is you say i need to wait 4 hours and a half, for the next meal. What should I do, if i eat 2 hours before every tennis match. Do I need to just enter the court with plain water, or I can justify because im gonna need more energy, so i will need to consume sugar and bannanas for example.

  801. Hi, I read the book twice and working on changing my eating habbits as the gracie diet is teaching. only problem i got is cottage cheese. is cottage cheese handled as fresh cheese? If not which group it belongs to?

  802. tofu, kimchi and seaweed/kelp. where do they fit in, if anywhere, in the Gracie Diet? I'm Korean and these are staples of our culture/diet. If they are GD compliant, how do you suggest preparing them? Thanks Much, Anthony Park

  803. I just the renergy sandwich and absolutely love it! What's most surprising about it is how much energy I seriously have after eating it! It's like I drank 2 cups of coffee and I'm ready to move right now! My question is, does Rener eat these sandwiches before his workout or after? It seems like the perfect pre-workout sandwich! Thank you!

  804. what can you eat with yogurt or what food groups combine good with yogurt? ( greek yogurt) what is the difference between sweet and acidic apple?

  805. Hello Grandmaster Rorion. Just want to mention that your book is great and Grandmaster Carlos definitely enhanced the life of many by coming up with this essential diet. Something has been troubling me about the mix of groups A, B, & C. I know that bread should be made from whole wheat flour and toasted or oven warmed before consumption. My question is what bread should be consumed if they all contain yeast, oil, and honey? All the breads I have found at the supermarket have these ingredients. What do you suggest? Is this something that should be taken into consideration or is it something minor that has no serious effects? Please let me know. Thank you.

  806. If you cook cottage cheese does it fall into group A like cheese and cram cheese? Thanks

  807. Mr. Gracie, would you suggest using iodized salt or salt without the added iodine? Thank you for your time.

  808. I am a busy mom with a full-time job during the day and am at the martial arts school every evening. Cooking for me and the family is a huge challenge. I would love to see more recipes online that give me examples of recipes and any tips for how to work the Gracie Diet into our hectic schedule! Help!

  809. my birthday is coming up and my family always goes to my grandmas to celebrate . I was just wondering if it would be ok to eat non diet foods for 1 meal?

  810. I'm a vegetarian with the exception of fish , can the gracie diet still be useful to me ???? please let me know so I can proceed with my purchase Regards Peter

  811. have you ever eaten at chick-fil-a. and if so is there any food there I can eat that follows the diet??

  812. Is fresh Yak milk treated the same as fresh cow milk? What about Yak meat?

  813. Is it normal that after eating my breakfast smoothie (6 bananas, melon or watermelon juice and cream cheese) l suffer heartburn?Have you heard about any other gracie diet followers?Thank you.

  814. Hi Mr Gracie. Is the Gracie diet for all age groups? And where do we get the main source of carbs fron the GD? Sorry I am new to this.

  815. can you cook bread with egg and sugar.

  816. what category is artificial sweetener in??

  817. Rorion, You are proven right once again. Please see below: MERCOLA.COM How to Combine Foods for Optimal Health October 27, 2013 | 131,606 views Click HERE to view the entire interview! Download Interview Transcript By Dr. Mercola Dr. Wayne Pickering is a naturopathic physician on the East Coast of Florida, and was a good friend of fitness legend Jack LaLanne. He gave a beautiful eulogy at Jack’s funeral. At the age of 67, he swims several miles a week in addition to extensive biking and a wide variety of calisthenics, pushups and pull ups. He has quite an impressive exercise regimen and is a personal inspiration to me as I hope to be in as good a shape as he as that age. He also has one of the most positive attitudes of anyone I know. He eats plenty of fruit and caused me to seriously reevaluate my position on consuming fruits and I have gradually been increasing my intake of them, especially mangoes, which is his pseudonym (Mango Man). He even has a variety of mangoes named after him. I actually have two of the Pickering mangoes growing in my yard. But one of the things he’s known for in the nutrition world is food combining—and he is truly like a walking billboard for his program. The man looks about 20-30 years younger than his calendar age. “Age is not a matter of years; it’s a matter of condition. You can keep your health up until you die because you have 75 to 90 trillion cells in your body that work symbiotically on your behalf striving towards health. You cut yourself? It’s going to heal without a thought. It just does,” he says. Improper food combining is one of the primary factors that cause gas, flatulence, heartburn, and upset stomach. What’s worse, poor digestion can also contribute to malnutrition, even if you think you’re eating a decent diet. In his youth, Dr. Pickering was no different from most Americans today—severely overweight, out of shape, and eating the wrong foods. He recalls the key moment that turned his life around: “I was in Illinois when I came back from Vietnam. I stayed up there for a year in Rockford. A little lady found me one day in a distraught situation. She owned a health food store. I went in there, and I bought a bottle of vitamins and a little book, How to Be Healthy with Natural Foods, by Edward E. Marsh.” He also found a postcard-sized food combining chart. He’d had frequent stomach pains for years, and was absolutely shocked when 24-hours after putting the information into practice, he didn’t suffer with indigestion anymore. Since then, Dr. Pickering has become an avid teacher of natural health, in which health and longevity is the natural outgrowth of proper nutrition—which also encompasses proper food combining, to optimize digestion. Three Principles of Health Many are under the mistaken belief that the human body is a frail instrument, prone to disease and pre-programmed to decay. Dr. Pickering wholeheartedly disagrees, and I second that motion. The truth is, your body is infinitely wise, with a natural inborn “instinct” toward health, and by following certain natural principles, you allow your body to do what it does best, which is to maintain an equilibrium of health. Dr. Pickering’s three basic principles of health are: You are automatically healthy, by design, and sick only by default You don’t catch disease; you “earn” it, as it stems from “crud in the blood from being drunk with junk,” as he says You get well by what comes out of you, not by what goes into you In essence, health is as much based on getting rid of toxins and other harmful substances as it is based on optimizing your nutrition. Part and parcel of this philosophy is that food is your number one ally. And while certain nutritional supplements can be beneficial, they will not allow you to circumvent a poor diet. They can only complement your diet; they cannot take the place of a meal. “Nutrition doesn’t heal. It doesn’t cure. It doesn’t do anything,” Dr. Pickering says. “It’s a science though and it never changes... Here’s what nutrition is: it’s a series of four processes that your body employs to make food materials for the body to use.” Those four processes are the following: Digestion Absorption Assimilation Elimination Four Principles of Wholesome Nutrition According to Dr. Pickering, one of the most important factors when it comes to healthful eating is to make sure you’re eating foods that are in season. Your constitution changes with the seasons of your local climate, and eating local foods when they’re in season is a natural way to harness that intrinsic relationship your body has with the Earth. Seasonal foods will typically be at their cheapest when they’re in season, and will be readily available in most stores and farmers markets. Dr. Pickering’s food combining guide1 can also help you determine which foods are in season, in addition to how to combine them for optimal health. Next, Dr. Pickering advises eating foods that are indigenous to your area. Eskimos, for example, are not going to reap the same nutritional rewards from watermelon as someone living in the American South where watermelons grow naturally. The climate itself makes nutritional demands on your body. Third, you also want to select foods according to the type and amount of physical activity you’re involved in (an office worker, for example, will not benefit from the diet of a triathlete), and lastly, you want to choose foods according to your body’s digestive chemistry. As a side note, albeit an important one, Dr. Pickering also points out the importance of your thoughts. “Your thoughts, you see, help to govern chemistry,” he explains. “When you sit down to eat, it’s crucial to not talk about problems at the dinner table; talk about joyous things just because it gives you a chance to get together [with each other].” Recent research has even confirmed that if you want to make your food taste better, and more thoroughly enjoy the experience of a meal, perform a ritual first. One of the most rewarding rituals you can do before a meal is to stop and give thanks for your food. Not only might this make your food taste better, but also people who are thankful for what they have are better able to cope with stress, have more positive emotions, and are better able to reach their goals. People who give thanks before they eat also tend to eat more slowly and savor the meal more so than those who do not, lending a natural transition to mindful eating, which has a direct and beneficial impact on digestion. Why Food Combining Matters Wayne is probably best known for promoting the importance of food combining. If the food you eat is not digesting properly, not only can painful gas, heart burn, acid reflux and other stomach problems arise, but your body will also be deprived of critical nutrients. The short definition of digestion is: you put food or liquid into your mouth, swallow it, and then your body breaks these molecules down into a size it can absorb. What your body doesn't use is excreted as waste. These are the four processes listed above—digestion, absorption, assimilation and elimination. But food is actually broken down in a number of different areas, including in your mouth, stomach, and the first and middle sections of your small intestine, called the duodenum and jejunum respectively. Furthermore, you have two kinds of digestion: Mechanical (chewing and churning) digestion Chemical digestion Food combination takes into account the area and complexity of digestion of each food, to ensure it goes through your entire digestive system with ease. Dr. Pickering explains: “There’s only one food that chemically breaks down in the stomach and that’s protein. Proteins require pepsin, a very highly acidic [enzyme] in conjunction with hydrochloric acid. But the hydrochloric acid doesn’t have the ability to break the food down. It just sets the medium for the concentration of the amount of pepsin that’s poured into the stomach to digest whatever food that’s in there. The intelligence of this human body is phenomenal.” There are three primary categories of food: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Proteins, again, begin their digestion chemically in your stomach. Carbohydrates are divided into two categories: fruits and starches. While fruits pass through your digestive system with relative ease, starches require three levels of breakdown; the very first stage is in your mouth. That’s why it’s crucial to carefully chew starchy foods. According to the rules of food combination, you do not want to mix proteins and starches in the same meal. This means, no bun with your hamburger, no meatballs if you have pasta, no potatoes with your meat... Why is that? Dr. Pickering explains: “Starches require an alkaline digestive medium to digest. If you put your fist in your stomach while it’s digesting steaks and all that, chances are, you wouldn’t have a hand anymore. The acid is intense... When you mix them both together – an acid-type of food and an alkaline – basic chemistry shows that they don’t digest. They neutralize. Then what happens? If the food is not digesting... it’s going through your body [undigested], throwing it into all kinds of turmoil.” The Three Commandments of Food Combination Dr. Pickering lays out three basic commandments of eating that he recommends you not deviate from: No proteins and starches at the same meal, as they neutralize each other and prevent proper digestion of either food. To ensure proper digestion of each food, wait two hours after eating a starch before eating protein. And wait three hours after eating protein before eating a starch. No fruits and vegetables at the same meal. Fruits are either a single or double sugar, whereas the starches are a triple sugar. Fruits mechanically break down in your stomach, but chemically, they don’t break down until they reach the third and fourth stage of your digestive system, which are in your small intestine. Starches, again, are broken down in three different stages, starting in your mouth. According to Dr. Pickering, this is also why it’s crucial to not eat dessert after a meal. When you do, it gets trapped in your stomach with all that other food, where it starts to rot as it’s not being chemically digested there. Therefore, eat fruit 30-60 minutes before dinner. The same applies if you want to eat another piece of fruit. Acidic fruits, such as lemons for example, also do not combine well with starches. Lemon and banana is but one example of a combination that is sure to lead to gastrointestinal upset... Many people consider tomatoes a fruit, yet it’s commonly added to salad. Dr. Pickering classifies tomatoes as a “fruit-vegetable,” because even though they don’t have the sugar like most fruits, they’re still an acidic fruit-vegetable. As such they’re okay to combine with other vegetables. He suggests the following recipe for an excellent salad: “Any kind of vegetable that has seed in it; for example summer squash, zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers, bell peppers, and okra—those are all fruit-vegetables. Your tomatoes go well with those. And since lettuce and celery have a neutral effect, as far as the breakdown of food, the celery and the lettuce combine very well with all of that. You can also add avocados.” “Eat melon alone, or leave it alone, or your stomach will moan.” In short, melons do not digest well with other foods and will frequently cause problems unless consumed by itself. The When and What of Eating According to Dr. Pickering, the amount and sequencing of the foods you eat can also make a difference. He recommends the following eating schedule: Morning meal: The least concentrated foods, in the greatest amount. Ideal food choice: fruits Middle of the day: More complex foods, but in a smaller amount than your first meal. Ideal food choice: starchy carbs Evening: The most concentrated foods, but in the least abundant amount. Ideal food choice: protein More Information Your body is, by design, programmed for health, and disease is just as much a matter of eliminating toxins as it is about eating proper foods. Elimination, however, is dependent on a healthy digestive system, and by combining foods in a certain way, you can help your body digest all the foods you eat with ease. You can further promote healthy digestion by paying attention to the amount and distribution of protein and carbohydrates in each meal. Again, the greatest amounts of the least dense foods, i.e. fruits, are best eaten early in the day. Then, for lunch, eat a smaller amount of denser, more complex carbs, followed by a small amount of protein—the densest meal—in the evening. For more information about the digestive process and food combination, check out the following two web sites: has a 20" x 24" custom-laminated full-color guide for Healthy Eating that classifies fruits, vegetables and proteins to show the most compatible combinations for proper digestion. offers a 27-day long course on food combining, as well as 400 recipes, nearly 140 articles, and several hours-worth of audio programs on nutrition. Please Help Support by Sharing this Article! 1,159 26 84 1.2k Email to a friend Email Print [+] Sources and References Post your comment [+] Comments (136) Previous Article Subscribe to The World's #1 Natural Health Website† Mercola Health Resources, LLC, Vitamins & Food Supplements, Hoffman Estates, IL McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams Click for company profile Inside About Dr. Mercola Articles Contact Us Dr. Mercola's Clinic En Espanol Press Room Special Reports Video Library Terms of Use Privacy Policy Media Inquiries Mercola Social Responsibility Products Air Purifier Bath Care Cookware Dental Care Feminine Care Krill Oil Organic India Power Plate Probiotics Productos Protein Powder Skin Care Tanning Beds Vision Fitness Water Filters All Products Special Info Sites Aspartame Cancer Fitness Fluoride Fructose/Sugar GMO Mercury Nutritional Typing Pets Vaccines Vitamin D Shopping Autoship Program FAQ Online Shopping Premier Program Shipping Policy Wholesale Program *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 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  818. how does soymilk fit in to the Gracie diet?

  819. Ive seen articles in Graciemag etc that talk about home remedies but I didnt see any in the book. Where can i find all these? Thanks

  820. I really appreciate the Gracies taking the time to answer people's questions about their diet. Thank you! I was wondering: What types of yogurt are best and can they be eaten any other way than plain, i.e. with raisins, wheat germ, honey, dates,..anything?

  821. Hola, 1,5 years ago i started changing my life at age of 35. I started training jiu-jitsu and completely changed my eating habits. Since this day I lost 42 KG (93 lbs) and feel great. Since my first jiu-jitsu class I felt in love with it and from this day I try to live jiu-jitsu. Now the next step is changing my eating habits as per the Gracie diet. As I already eat in a healthy way this should be no big problem but it will not be quite easy, too. I got two questions I can’t find a solution in the book and hopefully you can Give me some advice 1. why are vegetables and sweet fruits are in 2 groups which can’t be combined? This makes me a little wondering because vegetables (not all but most) are realy good food which I combined with everything in the past. As an example I love to drink a juice made of carrots, red apples, bananas and ginger. If I understood right this is not accepted by the Gracie diet, or? Maybe you can explain it to me. 2. as I doing my jiu-jitsu classes, workouts, condition units in the evening it would be good to have a healthy snack after training. Will a fourth healthy match the gracie diet regulations if I got 4,5 hours between the meals? Or is the most important part to have only 3 meals a day. If yes I has to eat luch and than around 10pm in the night which means a space of 9 hours without eating. That will make training at 7pm really hard and I’m afraid of having not enough power. With a fourth healthy snack I can eat something between 5pm and 5.30pm and will have enough power to train. Please let me have your honestly answers because I want to do it the right way and not a way designed for me. I will do it exactly as you answer me as this is the only true way. Thanks for your help in advance. Oss Elvis

  822. 1. If I'm 20, is it possible to eat every 4 hours instead of 4 1/2? Because thats too much time. Even by drinking water and water. 2. You mentioned in the book, that children must eat every 4 hours. But, from what ages do you mean that. I mean, I want to be a children again to eat every 4 hours instead of 4 hours and a half.

  823. 5 questions please: 1. Do you recommend eating cereals like Crusli CEREAL with milk? 2. Because I'm 20 years old, and i train tennis for more than 4 hours a day. I decided to split my meals and 4 1/2 hours, but to eat 4 times a day, because I had breakfast at 7am, and my last meal is about 12am, because I'm in college, so homework makes my day busy. Is it ok, if i do that? 3. What about the ACAI? Could I get in Mexico, because I've never heard of it? 4. What about the ACAI ROOTS?? Are they neutral drinks, so that I can drink it with any kind of meal? 5. Could i Drink coconut water all throught the day even when im not eating, because of my intensive training??

  824. Hi, I just purchased the Gracie diet book and I noticed that burries and lemons are placed on group D under acidic fruits. Is this accurate?, it is my understanding that berries and specially lemons are acidic but once the enter the body they are actually alkaline. Please reply

  825. I've seen Renee put coconut meat or shredded coconut in his acai bowls, aren't they high in fats? And is it not considered group A like the oil thanks

  826. Type 1 Diabetic follow-up: Master Gracie, concerning bad combinations, here is an example of what I sometimes must do. Often, I will eat an A-B combination meal, and then go to BJJ practice. While at BJJ practice, my blood sugar will drop, and I am forced to eat something sweet, usually a fruit juice, to keep my blood sugar up. This occurs before the 4.5 hour interval is completed. Sometimes I prevent the combination by using a B-C meal before practice, but this doesn't always work. Overly frequent use of B-C meals leaves me prone to rapidly dropping blood sugar, cramps, and unhealthy weight loss. Are there better/worse ways to deal with this situation? I hope this clarifies my situation. Thank you for your help!

  827. Is soy(and soy products) categorized as a bean. Ubiously, it can't be mixed with rice but can it be eaten with bean? If not, what can it be eaten with? Thank you.

  828. Master Rorion! First, it was an honor to meet you in Gracie Atlanta! Reading your book, I am going through phase one in transitioning my foods. I was watching a video Rener/Ryron did where they were training with Tamba Hali from the NFL. He was eating a breakfast that had granola, figs, raisins, coconut, acai, possibly other ingredients though they did not reveal their recipe. Using this as inspiration and curiosity I wanted to make myself a bowl, though I did not have figs or acai. So instead i made it out of granola, raisins, coconut, pomegranate, pear and cottage cheese. Do these pair? Since I am new I am also trying to learn things as the difference between acidic and sweet fruits so I can make a better bowl. For example are oranges considered more acidic than sweet? - Dave DelRosario

  829. if eggs are considered to have saturated fats, how about just egg whites? Is there any nutritional value/benefit in plain black coffee?

  830. is it easy to adapt to as I tend to live on toast or meals in a hurry as I do not cook. what changes do I have to make in order for the best results. also I would like to learn Brazilian jujitsu for self defense but I work as a construction worker and physically hard as a scaffolder. I have always wanted to learn this martial art but most days I am too tired, my aim is to change my diet so I can learn this martial much time do I need to put into it to become very effective at this art?

  831. if lemon is not really acidic once it enters the body, is it OK to use just a little bit as a condiment in group A foods (like to cook chicken and/or fish with)?

  832. my son Rhener is 15mnths old and is done with the bottle...besides cutting up fruits and veggies for him to eat...what are actual meals that i could feed him for breakfast lunch and dinner? what is it that u fed ur kids when they were round this age?

  833. Just to be certain: Is corn flour in Group B the same as that which is commonly called "cornmeal" in the US? It is called Dry Corn/Flour in the book so I am assuming this is so, but I wanted to be sure. Thank you for your time.

  834. Is it OK to eat/juice moringa leaves?

  835. why is one of the central tenets of the diet a restriction of all pork? aren't there ways of cooking pork to where it is extremely lean?

  836. Master Gracie, I am a type 1 diabetic who follows the Gracie Diet and trains BJJ. Sometimes, for the sake of my disease, I must eat before 4.5 hours are up, or must combine outside the diet guidelines. My question: are certain combinations worse than others? In the book, particular emphasis seems to be put on not combining starches, and not combining acidic foods. Is this purposeful? Thank you for your help!

  837. I like to have half & half in my coffee which is half milk and half cream. Which food group would that be in? Thank you.

  838. Sour cream ?

  839. I am loving the diet, but i'm having a slight problem. I wake up at 6am and usually finish having breakfast at 6:45am, that means that my lunch should happen around 11:15am and my dinner at 3:30 or so. That leaves me really hungry until 10:30 when i go to bed. Do i have an option without quitting on the diet?

  840. Can I combine buckwheat flour and all purpose flour (plain) ? How about baking powder and baking soda ? What group are they in? Thank you.

  841. Which group is soybean oil?

  842. Sunflower seeds ? Pumpkin seeds? Soy nuts ?

  843. hey how would you guys prepare and consume jicama? is it okay to eat it raw in a salad or raw in a sandwich with some carne asada and watercress?

  844. Is there a way to use this diet as a type 1 diabetic

  845. Thank you so much to this wonderful tradition of a diet. Just one question. I am a Filipino but am interested in following the gracie diet. Is eating two cups of rice taken as a "no-no" in terms of the two starch rule. Should I have only one cup of rice, you mean. I'm very concerned with the rice in terms of overeating it. I think it's given me diabetes and a sick stomach. Any guidance? Thank you so much dear gracies.

  846. hello, I was recently watching a video on youtube where you helped a young kid with self defense. in this video Rener Gracie made something called as-I-ee (I don't know how to spell it) it was a combination of vegetables and fruit, if you could tell me where I can find a recipe or how to properly spell it, I would greatly appreciate it thanks

  847. Boa tarde mestre . Tenho uma questão, sigo a dieta gracie tem uns três meses e foi uma das melhores decisões da minha vida e sou tb faixa preta em Portugal da GB. Uma vez que os queijos estão no grupo c e lá diz que são compatíveis entre si e mais um do grupo B, porquê que nas receitas do livro se podem juntar os queijos aos cozinhados? Um bom dia para o mestre e sua restante família.

  848. how much do i have to eat per meal?

  849. I had a question about the Renergy Breakfast Sandwich. I read that if you cook the spinach it loses some nutritional value? Is this true? If so, can I put raw spinach on my Sandwich? I have yet to like kale. Is there something else I could put on to replace it? or is there anything at all that I can add that is with the food groups of the Gracie Diet?

  850. What group is raw cacao nibs in? Also why is renar using granola that contains fruit extracts? Back to nature granola contains pineapple juice extract which goes in group d and doesn't combine. Kinds regards from Scotland, where the gracies originally come from :)

  851. Hi! I can have my lunch only at 1.00 p.m. 'cause of my job and I usually have my bjj class in the evening at 8 p.m... I feel to hungry to train on empty stomach! what can I do for this? Thanks!

  852. Hi, My husband just purchased the book. I was wondering if there was access to more recipes. Thanks for your time.

  853. Re: 792. If lemons turn alkaline when ingested, isn't that what is important?

  854. Does turkey combine with anything ?

  855. Is Kombucha tea allowed within the diet. If so, what category does it fall under? Kombucha is

  856. i was curious about the "no pulp" rule as I thought that was where many nutrients are found? Thanks!

  857. Is Powerade or Gatorade ok in the gracie diet or does it contain to much sugar.

  858. I need help with this diet im only 15 and I cant get the juicer or anything like that. I bought the book, my parents and siblings wont help me do the diet so im on my own. Whats a good way to start?

  859. Would you recommend a daily vitamin pack?

  860. The book and philosophy behind it is great. Eating has before more pleasurable. Would say that the combinations are based on the pH levels? Was there testing of the pH levels of the foods, especially the acidic foods? I was thinking about getting some litmus paper to test the pH level of certain foods.

  861. What is the best source of protein for the Gracie diet. In your opinion

  862. can i have the acai bowl for breakfast everyday or just in general?and if im also doing the renergy sandwhich can i switch out in between them?

  863. Hi! I have the Gracie diet book and I am trying to incorporate the diet into my lifestyle, but I am having trouble with weekly shopping. I know everyone's consumption levels and nutritional needs are different, but could you possibly post a basic 2-person Gracie Diet shopping list with staples for a 'Gracie Kitchen'? What should I have in my fridge and pantry every week? Thanks!!

  864. Do you have a tomato soup recipe? Looking for an alternative from the can! Thanks!!

  865. Where does Hemp Seed and derivatives thereof fall into the food groups?

  866. Hello, grandmaster Rorion. My name is Agustín, and I'm writing from Uruguay. I've got a question that may seem seem silly to you, I've been wondering if I can combine raw bananas with watermelon. I always bake my bananas before having them with watermelon, but since raw bananas and fresh fruits do combine, I've been thinking about eating them raw (together with watermelon, of course). Thanks for answering. Have a good day.

  867. Hi, my name is Marvin and my question is: The Banana- Apple smoothie using 3 of each isn't too much sugar? I use Coconut Water to blend them but always feel like I'm overloading on sugar.. Thx!

  868. I can't afford the Champion Juicer, can I use my blender and Gracie Juice bag to "Gorilla Juice" my fruits & veggies like Rener does with watermelon, or is this inadvisable? Thanks for your help!

  869. Why do you need to wait 4 and a half hours between each meals? I don't mind the 4 hours, but why the extra 30 minutes?

  870. Hello! My name is Cristiano started with jiu jitsu last December and the Gracie diet, which weighed 100 kg and only following the diet at 3 months weight 93.400 kg'm really excited, but I would take a doubt. On p. 47 of the book "The Gracie Diet" consists of the intersection group "E" raw bananas with the "B" starch and p. 99 reported to be incompatible with A and B. There was a mistake or I did not interpret correctly? Thank you!

  871. prezado Mestre Rorion, sou faixa preta de Jiu Jitsu e empresario aqui no Brasil, Estou tentando aplicar a Dieta Gracie mas tenho uma certa dificuldade quanto ao espaço entre refeicoes. O cafe da manha e o almoço correm bem entretanto 6 hrs apos o almoco é meu horario de treino onde estou com certa dificuldade , meu jantar só vai acontecer umas 10 hrs apos o almoço devido as minhas obrigaçoes com filhos , trabalho etc... Posso fazer algum tipo de suplementacao para os treinos? Desde ja Agradeço sua ajuda. Oss!!! Atenciosamente Ricardo Lerner

  872. Hi, Love the diet and found really helpful for general well being and jiu jitsu training. Question is, Can Group C foods combine with Group A foods/

  873. this work? let me know. its rob.

  874. Grandmaster Rorion, I have a close friend who served in the Marines with me and he is a disabled war veteran who contracted crohn's disease from the anthrax shots given to us before deployment. 50% of his intestines were removed and his body is rejecting the medication. I believe the Gracie Diet may help him gain back his life and help with his help. When I went through the Gracie Combatives Training for military and law enforcement in Torrance, you spoke of many people who's health benefitted from the diet. Do you think it will save my friends life?

  875. can I just have the big mac at mcdonalds? no fries or soda?

  876. Can I eat canned tuna with a little mayonnaise?

  877. What are your thoughts on taking fish oil? I like to take Metagenics EPA-DHA 720, 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills at night. The fish oil is lemon flavored, which breaks the combination rule (A & D). Should I continue to take fish oil?

  878. What is that dish called it has rasins, figs, coconut and other delicious stuff in it. Its all kinds of fruits and its usually served in a bowl. Thanks

  879. Dear Roroin, question about milk: do you recommend normal milk (Cow) or can I use non-lactose milk or soymilk instead? it is said that lactose digests bad. so I was wondering, because the book is about digesting allot. kind regards, Jimi

  880. Can i take creatine while on the gracie diet?

  881. Did you receive this as a email?

  882. Any chance there's a smart phone app or easy way to keep the food lists handy? I'm always on the go. It would be great to have it available in a pinch. Thanks!

  883. what group is cinnamon in.

  884. what did you eat for breakfast?

  885. What type of apples are ok to eat and why? In the book it seems to only recommend red delicious apples.

  886. Hello, I was curious as to why acidic fruits can not be combined with each other?

  887. For the recipe on the Acai Super bowl could i use just acai berries intstead of the bricks and could i use green grapes of a combonation of frozen mixed berries

  888. How many time do you or Ryron spent in doing the ryron vegetable smoothie, cos ok? I wash and peel the needed vegetables, but i didnt buy the champion juicer i bought another, and im so upset that i spend 1 hour in just using the juicer for all the vegetables. because every time after 7 or 8 of of little-medium pieces of that vegetables, the juicer begin to vibrate, therefore i need to open and clean the rest of the vegetables that remained in the juicer, so that along the whole process take me like 30 minutes. because there are a lot of vegetables. i try to eat 4 times a week the juicer, so im getting desesperate of spending too much time in just using the juicer every day. you may say, well do enough for 4 meals. but like i said, if i add more vegetables, then i would spend even more time. so, i guess that happens to me for not buying the champion juicer, instead my parents bought a cheaper one. 2. is the champion juicer capable of making the juice without stoping and cleaning in the whole process of this ryron vegetable smoothie?

  889. Hi. I love bananas but when I was pregnant with my daughter several years ago, I developed allergic reaction to bananas. What could I use as a substitute for the smoothies/ juices or could I just skip adding the bananas altogether? Thank you so much for your time.

  890. I am like putting honey on my whole grain cereal, is this acceptable as a sweetener or do you have a better recommendation?

  891. Can I eat the acai bowl anytime even after dinner or before?

  892. what food groop is tomatoes in

  893. First of all. Thank you for sharing and helping us. I go to work at 5 am. so I eat around 6:30 then 11:30-12 then I usually eat a banana smoothie at 4:30-5 and have juijitsu class at 6:30 pm. After I get home and ready for bed I am usually hungry but I have to wait until 9:30 to eat and then bed at 10 pm. 1. Is my afternoon snack of banana smoothie before class ideal. if not what would you recommend? 2. Even though I use your recommendation for supper before bed. Usually fruit, cheese, toast or crackers. Is it okay to eat that close to bed time of should I start ignoring that after class hunger and just go to bed? By the way. since I am 40 and I'm trying to lose weight, working a lot of hours, and started juijitsu I am sometimes a little short of energy

  894. 1. im planning to become vegetarian, so i will begin to eat more salads, but do i should eat it with salad dressing? according to your book, i guess is no. 2. if i eat spagetthi, could i eat it with tomato puree? 3. the normal tomatoes (like the one of this link:, are in which group? 4. then, i dont know how to difference the tomatoes from the tomatoes sweet. could you give an idea, of what are the tomatoes sweet? 5. in which group falls Granola? 6. According to Rorion and his book, we must not eat meat, but is he referring to only Red meat, or also Seafood (White meats)?. I know its up to me, because i dont know if i only need to remove red meats, or the whole kind of meats. If you can advice me please, like i said maybe i become vegetarian. 7. Could i drink all the time Coconut Water, because i practice sports 4 or 5 hours a day, to keep hydrated?

  895. I know dates is in group c category but dried fruits so cannot combine with bananas? Please confirm. Thanks in advance,

  896. can i eat breaded shrimp after hernia surgery

  897. sorry for asking again. 1. what about if breads were made with milk, then we cant combine it with group A right? 2. then, it is better to look for a bread that were made of to combine with any group A right? 3. same question with mashes potatotes, because it can be made with milk or with water. so i must know the ingredientes to know with what groups can i combine it? 4. what do you recommend me then, if i go to a restaurant and eat these kinds of food. because i want to keep it GRacie Style haha:) thanks

  898. In the book unflavored powdered gelatin is not mentioned. Are we allowed to have it on the diet?

  899. Hi!! i am very happy contect with u. My name is makis and I come from Greece. I would like to ask u, what time is it apropriate to have my final meal (dinner) if i work out until 19.00 at afternoon and my lunch is about 14.00? I think i have to eat sth after my exercise (what is it better to eat?).

  900. This one is intended directly for Rener since it's about his Renergy Sandwich. If I don't use all of the Avocado on it, how long will it stay good for until it's time to make another sandwich, & what is the best way to keep the remaining Avocado until I'm ready to use it?

  901. Mr. Gracie, do you have plans for a Gracie Diet Cook Book? The recipes in the back of the Gracie Diet book are helpful but I think it would be wonderful to have a large cook book with dozen of recipes, photographs of the various dishes, maybe stories of your family, jiu-jitsu and Brazil relating to the meals and/or food. More ideas for childrens' meals, etc. I would love to see this and I was wondering if you are working on something like that.

  902. Are the Gracie Juice Bag coming back into stock?

  903. Hi there First I'd like to say a massive thank you for introducing me to the gracie diet and jiu jitsu, your whole way of life. I am a 42 year dad of two from Bonnie Scotland ( your ancestral home) and I'm just starting g out on my new jiu jitsu life style, and I'm 'hooked'. I've just started my training under Scott Mcveigh, a great guy and the only black belt in Scotland to be personally graded under Royce Gracie and has had Royce over AND also recently Ricksen over visiting...that to me is Awesome!! I want to embrace this healthy way of life as closely as I can to you guys. So I have a wee question regarding juicing. I know Rener said in one of the vids that the juice of the water melon is more beneficial that the whole fruit. But I keep reading conflicting views. Like this article - I'd love to know your thoughts on this please. I want to do this right and get as much benefit as possible. Keep on keeping on guys - keep it real - 100% I'm looking forward to meeting the Gracie family in person one day. Health wealth and happiness always Chaz Bennewith

  904. I go to High School, and the lunches there suck. So since i'm getting into the Gracie Diet, are there any special ideas or combinations that would work well to carry in a bag to school ?

  905. Can I cook bananas in a pan with honey to include in an all group c meal? ( its sooo tasty, please say yes!)

  906. What blender do you recommend? I notice the Artisan one - on your website is not there anymore.

  907. 1. mashed potatoes is in group A or B? 2. is it ok to eat goat spread milk? in spanish it is called "cajeta". 3. is the answer to question 2 is yes, is ok to consider "goat spread milk" as a food of group C? 4. do you recommend this diet for athletes like tennis players? 5. i read the book twice, but dont understand what are "the raw bananas", are they just the pure bananas like the one of this picture ? 6. i searched in but they said they dont send the product to mexico, any idea of where else could i get the Acaai?? 7. thank you again, im so prouf of the gracies and want to follow them as close as possible

  908. Mestre Rorion, I would like to know your opinion/experience on the following: a) What do you consume more, fruit or veggies? b) When it comes to consume either fruit or vegetables, which is preferable, to juice or not to juice them? Thank you! Have a great year!

  909. I have been following the Gracie diet for several weeks, and am 11lbs down (not water weight, since I am drinking lots of water along with watermelon and fruit), have 40 more to go and feel much better so far. My reason for starting was feeling lethargic and by body craving to eat healthy to naturally lose weight. I can now immediately tell the difference if I eat a meal that has bad combinations. I am also experimenting with excluding a few foods that are on the avoid list for Type Os ( fortunately watermelon and dates aren't one of them). Would Rorion be wiling to share his blood type or also Rener or Ryron, since it is easy to see Youtube recipes of their favorite meals and juices that benefit them. Knowing if they are the same blood type as me O+ or a different blood type would help determine if there is a reason they favor certain fruits, vegetables or don't eat much meat, etc.. This would be greatly appreciated, since everyone in your family is fit and looks like they have amazing energy and health. Thank you!

  910. Which group would you put unsweetened almond milk in? And unsweetened Ice Tea? Thank you

  911. Is it okay to make veggie juice then store for the next day if the full amount wasnt consumed the same day ?

  912. To which do cranberries belong, Group A or Group C? Thanks in advanced! ~Scotty

  913. Do bananas combine with granola?

  914. I am easing myself into the Gracie Diet. I already eat pretty healthy, but want to give this plan a shot. One thing that I have done for a while is have a shake every morning. It basically consists of an avocado, spinach, almond milk, a scoop of whey protein, and a scoop of benefiber. I know the avocado and spinach go together, but I am unsure about the rest. What group would the whey protein and almond milk fall into? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  915. Hello, I just asked a question and realized I should have spent more time reading previous posts and questions. I found the answers I was looking for. Thanks!

  916. My question is about peanut butter and sunflower butter. Jif peanut butter has molasses and sugar in it. Sunflower butter has evaporated cane syrupnatural mixed tocopherols. are they ok to eat ? is this an exception, or make sure that it does not contain any kind of sugar in it? Thank you so much!!

  917. The Gracie diet considers Grapefruit and other citris fruits as acidic. Scientific research states that, these fruits actually have an alkalizing effect on the body. Since this has been realized after the Gracie diet was written, does it affect how you feel about these fruits and how they should be eaten? Thank you, Rich Thompson

  918. I had wanted to order a juice bag. Any word on when they will be back in stock?

  919. I recently passed a kidney stone that took me out of training for a month. Has anyone in your family had kidney stones. Do you think the Gracie Diet could prevent future stones? Very respectfully, Shawn Osborne

  920. When it says dry beans does it mean uncooked? Or can they befried or boiled with maybe a little water and olive oil or butter?

  921. Does milk change properties/groups the same way cheese does when it is cooked?

  922. I just made a breakfast smoothie that strayed a little bit but wanted to see how bad: Frozen Banana Acai Cream Cheese Coconut Milk Honey Vega Protein Powder ( which you mention not to take but just wondering if there are any new developments in that or anything else since the book's been published)

  923. Hi there , I live in Romania and I wanted to order the Gracie Diet book , but the shipping costs are very very expensive . Don't you have an electronic version ? please let me know

  924. I have been practicing gracie diet 4 months now and doing well, my question is about cider vinegar. many claim that it helps alleviate. heartburn and help with alkalinity but vinegars is a thing to avoid here. can you tell me why vinegars should be avoided?thankyou for this and an amazing lifestyle

  925. Hello Rorion, I have had a lot of success with switching to the diet, my question is for my mother. I have her on the gracie diet now for a week. She is an older woman with ulcer problems and I wondered if there was something specific within the diet she should be eating that would help her. Thankyou for your help. Gracie diet 100%! Sincerely, Eric Cross

  926. hi I would like to know if I should eat protein after a workout . not protein shakes but like meat. Like turkey ,chicken beef. and so on .thanks

  927. what group are chickpeas in?

  928. can I eat meat

  929. Is there any history of diabetes with the gracie diet. When you juice those veggies it takes out all the fiber. I could see getting away with vegetable juice, but those smoothies with five or six bananas and watermelon juice would send most humans into a diabetic coma. That is a lot of sugar entering the blood stream really fast which equals a massive insulin spike. What are your thoughts on eating so much sugar? That was a good question that I found under one of your videos looking into that for a friend that's diabetic

  930. If you exercise a lot would a meal of just black and raspberries be alright or would i need to eat more???? Thank you

  931. Hello! I'm allergic to all kinds of nuts and beans, but i want to try the renergy sandwich, what are things i can substitute the almond butter for?

  932. Will gracie diet help if you bleeding ulcers in colon?

  933. What do seeds combine with such as raw sprouted pumpkin seeds

  934. I know that bananas doesnt combine with group b but what about cooked bananas?? Could I make a banana grilled sandwich (addind the cheese afterwards so that it wont melt and turn into A group)

  935. What kind of cream cheese is good for the gracie diet ?

  936. How long should the duration of a meal be for optimal digestion? Thank you

  937. Cereal milk banana

  938. Hello, Sir. Can I eat raw tomatoes and drink coffee (no sugar) for breakfast? or eat bananas and drink coffee (no sugar) for breakfast? Need your opinion.thanks

  939. I just wanted to start out by saying my wife and I have been on the diet for a week and have seen amazing results. Who could think that something so simple as the right combination of foods could make a world of difference. I don't know if this question has been asked before, but it deals with capers. We are new to the diet and see that capers are being used. My question is which type, as we have never used them before? Fresh or the ones that come in vinegar? Thank you.

  940. Can we eat chapattis

  941. Dear Master Rorion, I've been enjoying Gracie Diet for several months (actually, maybe a year) and I feel good results on my body. But, due to my lifestyle, I have breakfast at 6AM, lunch at 1PM and dinner at 11PM... as you can see it's a lot of time from lunch to dinner, and in betweens I do a lot of training (fitness, GJJ, Kick-Boxing, etc) and sometimes I feel terribly tired when training 9 hours after having lunch. The worst part is that I cannot change the meal times. I understand the time in between meals, but I am wondering if it is Ok having 4 meals (just having another one, small, between lunch and dinner), providing there is not less than 4,5 hours in between those 4 and the combinations meet the Food Groups?? Thank you in advance. Kind regards.

  942. Are buffalo chicken wings (aka hot wings) okay to eat?

  943. Master Rorion, Are you really the one answering the questions here?

  944. Hi, I've read the book and got the recipe book as well. I need some clarification on the "don't eat the same thing within 24 hours" guideline. If I have gouda cheese (scrambled egg sandwich) in the morning, can I then have cream cheese (zuchinni bake) in the afternoon?

  945. Hi there! I hope this message receives you well. I've been looking into your diet and am finding it all very interesting. My two brothers and I have training BBJ for about 2 years now and now my Father and youngest sister have also begun training. We all are Vegetarians and my brothers and sisters and I have been all of our lives. We are starting to head to more of a Vegan diet, trying to substitute milk for hemp milk. Anyways... I have been looking all over for a Vegetarian Gi Patch but am unable to find one. On reading that there are quite a few Gracie's who follow this type of lifestyle I am wondering if you could develop a Vegetarian/Vegan (or just a green V) patch so that we could put it on all of our Gi's as no one else has one? I really hope you can make our dream come true :0) Best Wishes from England! Saxon Warman Rudy Warman Zenon Warman Shane Warman Lila Warman

  946. My wife is hypoglycemic and tends to get shaky if she goes more than a couple hours without a light snack to help balance her sugar. She wants to try the GD, but is afraid that if she waits the recommended 4.5 hours between meals, she will feel sick as her blood sugar falls. What do you recommend for this situation? Thanks!

  947. Do coconut meat and raw banana combine? thanks

  948. Why not cinnamon, vinegar, or pepper? Just curious. Thanks

  949. 1. is it ok to drink commercial teas like "fuzetea", or "Arizona", or "Lipton" through the day and in the meals? 2. must peanut butter need to be exactly of peanut butter, because in the commercial brands it says that it contains "sugar". im not so sure about this subject. 3. tomatoe sauce for the Spagetti is ok and in which group falls? 4. could i drink commercial juices in the meals, or flavored water powder??

  950. I read the book but there is no mention about natural yogurt?I like to combine yogurt with kiwi fruit...??

  951. Hello. What are the health benefits and drawbacks of eating the Gracie corn soup?

  952. which type of food from the diet is best to eat if your eating later in the night? Around 9 or 10

  953. I have dairy goats. We use the milk fresh and whole (not pasteurized). If I combine this with a cereal can I use honey? I am 40. Should I stop using this milk all together? I know that the book mentioned fresh milk but since most people don't have access to it there weren't many details. Thank you

  954. In a previous question, you said that cacao nibs can combine with acai as they are similar to cashews. Does this mean cashews also combine with all groups?

  955. Why is coffee bad for you?

  956. I would like to know if I should use sugar in my tea or is it better for me to use a substitute? I think subsitutes are bad for your body. But I do want to follow the program.

  957. Hi Why do you juice and not use a blender or is just personal preference? Only the juicer is not giving you all of the fibre is it? Thanks Paddy

  958. Are jalapeño available on the Gracie diet

  959. The gracie diet says egg yolks are neutral and can be combined with any food so can i eat eggs with blueberries or eggs with grapes?

  960. why in the fish soufflé recipe is there cream cheese? I thought you couldn't combine that with group A... just trying to understand all this. Thank you so much.

  961. Pancakes Wheatflour, Milk and eggyolk fried in butter. Ok?

  962. Is it okay to drink cafe latte or coffee with milk right after a meal?

  963. Would Peanut Butter be in Group A ? and could you combine it with any Fruits like an Apple ?

  964. Should I portion my rice?

  965. Why do the Gracies are against drinking milk BUT in the same time opt for eating cheese and other fermented diary products?

  966. This is not a diet question, but I saw a video featuring the "disabled grappler" being disabled myself have CP like him, what are some ways I can adapt the Technique

  967. Pancakes the Gracie Diet way: 1 cup of whole wheat flour, 2 egg yolks, 2 tea spoons of baking powder, 2 tablespoons of apple sauce (to replace butter or oil); 1 cup of water; 1 tea spoon of brown sugar. Non stick pan. Serve with honey and fruit...> pass or keep trying? Thank you!

  968. Master Rorion, The GD was recommended to me by my Jiu Jitsu professor Pat Hardy. I feel much better now days & plan on continuing with the Gracie Diet I would like to know if anyone in the Gracie family that follow the Diet if any have ever suffered from Heart Diease, Stroke or Cancer. I have had the chance to train with Royce, Ryron, Renner & Rodrigo. They all have been really great and helpful thought you might like to know that. Osss

  969. Hi, I am a guy who is 55 years old, 1 meter 72 cm and 76 kg. I have had some experience with judo and japanese jiu jitsu. I would really like to start bjj, but i am worried about injuries Because of my demanding job. All advice is welcome. Greetings, Fred Monkhorst.

  970. Hello, l have a question regarding neutral foods. In Graciemag they published manuscripts from Carlos Gracie where he stated that raw or cooked egg whites were neutral. So l am a bit confussed, are egg yolks or whites which are neutral?Thank you in advance. Jorge

  971. Love the diet! There is a part in the book after mentioning the critisism on your family for not eating rice and beans where helio would show them your cavity free mouths. It seems to me that fruit, while healthy, is hard on tooth enamel. Tell me, are there gracie oral hygene techniques?

  972. Hello I have a question about ringworm and if there was a natural cure or specific food that I could be eating to help get rid of the infection.

  973. Hello, Sir. I attended your seminar in Destin, Fl this year and thoroughly enjoyed hearing you speak. My husband has recently started a new CTC in Phoenixville, PA. I have a question for you. As I have implemented some of your practices into my diet, I have noticed improvements in my stomach issues. I thank you for that! My question is, do you have any experience with Type 1 Insulin dependent diabetics on your diet? I absolutely love Acai bowls but the amount of fruit present does terrible things to my blood sugar. I am curious if you have found others with the same issues. I realize that this is something I have to deal with however wonder if there are other options and/or people with similar experiences/alternatives. Thank you and happy New Year to you and your family! Cassi Belcher

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The "Gracie Diet" is a method of eating developed during 65 years of research and first-hand use by Grand Master Carlos Gracie. Based on common sense and the proper combining of foods, it's the secret of success for the largest family of athletes in the world.

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The "Gracie Diet" is a method of eating developed during 65 years of research and first-hand use by Gand Master Carlos Gracie. Based on common sense and the proper combining of foods, it's the secret of success for the largest family of athletes in the world.